Rossio Flores condemns harassment and insults on social networks


Rocío Carrasco is the protagonist returning to “Save Me” this Wednesday. However, everyone pays attention to his closest family members, such as his daughter Rocío Flores. A few hours before her mother set foot on the Telecinco set, she seemed to fall in love with her. Send him a message through the storyAlthough Rosito has always promised that she hopes to regain her relationship with her and her youngest son David at some point, she is not ready yet.

Rocío Carrasco is again betting on the fuchsia that made her the protagonist in recent months / Mediaset

A lot of things have happened between the two of them. They haven’t spoken for many years, because their last meeting was very painful, causing the breakdown to continue. Nevertheless, Carrasco always wanted to make it clear that it was not his daughter’s fault:«My daughter has always been an executioner, because before she became a victim »She said it more than once, pointing out that her ex-husband Antonio David Flores was the real culprit.

Many people understand what he said, but many people do not understand and choose to insult and abuse this young woman. This is something that should never be done. Through her Instagram profile, Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter condemned the threats and insults she received through social networks.In the screenshot of the account you shared, you can see how users of this platform He called her “seal”, “walrus” or “abnormal” He sarcastically responded to an image of him coming out to take a bath and saying, “Be careful not to accidentally slip and fall.”

Rocío Flores expresses her insult/Instagram

The “survivor” collaborator was not taken to the head by these provocations, but chose to show that she was more educated and responded with a sense of humor. The poor thing must be too boring. Of course, she likes me to put it here, she is very proud. It’s a shame to see such a person. But the best part is that he followed me,” he wrote.

But this lady is not the only one who chooses to insult Rossio. In another story, Rossio showed two notices she received, in which in addition to insulting her, she also threatened her. “It’s me, you won’t be out of prison until the day you die, bitch”, “You don’t even deserve to breathe”, you can read it in the message. In response, Flores pointed out that “people’s minds must be very, very sick.”

The young woman’s harassment happened shortly before her mother’s “Help Me”/Instagram

As you can see from one of the photos, these comments took place a few minutes before her mother was sitting in “Save Me” and she explained that she had not contacted her child. «I neither received nor expected it, and I hope it will happen at some point. Forever, the sky is endless. Now is not the timeHe said, and opened the door for possible reconciliation. But he has not made contact with any other members of his family, they are waiting to know what Rocio Carrasco said in “Rosio’s Name”, which is expected to premiere in the next few weeks .

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