Rossio Carrasco, willing to take ‘face to face’ with Jose Ortega Cano


since in the name of rosio own kick Telecommunications company, Rocío Carrasco has amassed many public fronts trying to reveal the full truth about how her mother felt about some of her media family members in her life.One of the worst unemployed is Jose Ortega Cano, made the “biggest” accusation against his daughter, suggesting he wouldn’t be fully committed and supportive of the singer during her illness, even refusing to go to Houston for treatment. A statement that some right-handers simply disliked and even threatened to take the issue to court.

Rossio Carrasco at the premiere / Gtres

On her last television appearance, the former Anthony David Flores He threw poison darts at him, re-emphasizing his conflict with his mother’s widower:”If they want to sue me for answering them from my life experience and what I know, let them do so, no problem. But I’ll wait because not everything counts,” he explained first over audio on Tuesday night, September 20. A few words Jorge Javier Vazquez Take this opportunity to invite Rossio and Ortega Cano to sit luxury Face-to-face with the stars, it doesn’t seem to matter at all to Pedro Carrasco’s daughter:”I’m sure Rosio Carrasco will be happy to be here to face Ortega Cano. If he wants, of course…don’t let them touch his nose. He won’t sue because if he does, the visor will come off.She’s been through a series of situations, of course…she has every reason to want him to sue her because she’s been through a series of situations that she can tell…”, the host assured help mepay special attention to what Carrasco can say.

Rossio Carrasco at the premiere / Gtres
Rossio Carrasco at the premiere / Gtres

Still, it’s unclear whether the right-hander will eventually give in to his demands, though judging from his most recent public appearances, everything suggests he’s pissed at the universal heir to his ex-wife, along with Kiko Jimenez. Meanwhile, Fidel Albiac’s partner wanted to take advantage of the presentation of Sofía Ellar’s new album for a rhythmic happy hour, speaking without hesitation in front of the Gtres camera: “El second documentary is the answer to what many have said things that have not been true in a long time. When you hear something that has not been in a long time, and you hear and see savagery, you have to get the truth out in one way or another,” he admitted, later referring to his media family How members took this live stream: “From the other side, nothing surprises me (…) let them file a lawsuit, I’m not afraid, no problem, here we come‘, he settled down, predicting Ortega wouldn’t want to do that in person.


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