Rossio Carrasco: The long-awaited comeback great ally


Very good, fuchsia.These are the first sentences Rossio Carrasco In its Back to “help me”. Returning from the long-awaited holiday, there are many issues to discuss. This is an important moment. For every unfinished date, Rocío Jurado’s daughter is allied with this color. The tonality that has been closely related to his figure since the broadcast of his documentary, because he chose to record it.

Rocío chose an American jacket in this hue, but instead of matching it with her usual suit, she paired it with jeans and a top of the same color. A style that represents femininity and strong personality. The choice of appearance is not without compelling notes. Carlota Corera welcomed her and said “You are wearing pink”, Carrasco corrected her: “Not pink, fuchsia”Sometimes the connotation is important. In this case, this is because the color not only represents her, but also all her fans, who are grouped on social networks with the hashtag # Rocíoyosítecreo.

Rocío Carrasco is again betting on the fuchsia that made her the protagonist in recent months / Mediaset

Few things on TV are coincidences, this time it will not be less. The reproduction of Rocío Carrasco was studied to the millimeter, and the “Save Me” staff wanted to figure out something unrelated to the text.We and Jesus Reyes, A fashion reporter and trend analyst, understands the meaning of her “clothing” better this afternoon.

As soon as I see Rossio, it is inevitable to look back: «If we pull the newspaper library, we can see that in all the broadcasts of “Hable con Ellas”, this is Rocio Carrasco from 2014 The show started in 2016-always in summer, just like now; the costume of the jury daughter is definitely summer, sleeveless, with shoulder straps, asymmetrical straps or back neckline. Is the style or image of the Carrasco August suit jacket imposed or is it a double intention? Absolutely”, explain.

On the other hand, Reyes explained the meaning of the chosen colors: «The show team hopes to convey “Rocio’s return a few months ago” at the same point the audience left her. Pink is the color that our culture and society are directly associated with women and women, They tried to connect this part of the audience with their story.

Rossio Carrasco
Rocío Carrasco returns to Sálvame / Telecinco

This look is obviously reminiscent of the documentary series, and there is a reason: «The shape is almost the same as that of the documentary, the version with a pink jacket, in the documentary, wearing a black vest, but the same “V” neckline and denim as in the documentary. Similar styles are very reasonable. The idea is: starting from where we left, let the audience see that it is “feminine” and “familiar”Trend experts said.

Regarding the now-famous fuchsia suit, Rossio commented: “I did not choose it. This is an option we chose from the few we have, but the architect is Adrian Madrid.” In addition, he also announced that it would Auction it.

Rossio Carrasco
Rossio Carrasco/Telecinco

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