Rossio Carrasco and Fidel Albiac: This is their romantic summer after “telling the truth to live”


Rossio Carrasco Here it is. The new collaborator of’Sálvame’ returned to her new home on Wednesday, August 25, after spending her happiest and most healing summer. If you choose the role of 2021 in your mind, then this recognition is likely to fall into their hands. This year, people will remember him because he is the step that Rocío Jurado’s daughter came out of her bunker and took a step forward. Many people have asked her to do so, and in the past 20 years, she has paid so much. A lot of personal effort to pay.

Rossio told her story of the storm and explained it with the title of her documentary, “She tells the truth to live.” For her, it’s really fragrant: «I feel trusted, listened and liberated», He reflects in front of his good friend Carlota Corredera. The production of La Fábrica de la Tele is a blockbuster, occupying hours, days, weeks and months on television. No one was left out of the huge expectations raised by a story that even reached the Congress.

Rocío Carrasco, very happy to talk about her children in her documentary/Telecinco

Her drama, live interviews and support are of great significance to her. After twenty years in absolute silence, she felt sheltered and drew the strength to move on. She stood up for the first time against her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores, who called herself “my executioner” and talked about her conflict with him, which led to her and two children It doesn’t matter.

As a collateral consequence of the documentary series, he appeared on television.It comes in the form of a signature Defenders of the “Save Me” hearingIt is indeed paradoxical to see how the TV game has won the father of his child on the same show, which suddenly decided to fire him after the first chapter of “Rocio” was broadcast. You can live by telling the truth.He incorporated faces from space and helped him make friends with some of them. This is what we think of her Eating out with David Valldeperas, Carlota Corredera or Belén Esteban. She feels like a normal woman, not a quiet and secluded prey.

Rossio Carrasco
Rocío Carrasco, Salvame / Telecinco

After going to the Mediaset studio in Fuencarral every Wednesday for several weeks, Rocío Carrasco decided it was time to “take a break.” Excessive media exposure has hurt her, and she needs to stop. For this, what better way to travel with her husband.

“The Greatest” and the daughter of Fidel Albiac They spent a few days of summer vacation on the Costa Brava, As shown in some photos published in “Hola” magazine. Both chose the town of Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona), where the Baroness Thyssen lived. There, they are very caramelized, affectionate and enjoy this moment.

At the same time, Antonio David and Rocío Flores and Olga Moreno wins in “Survivor 2021”. Rocío Carrasco has remained silent, waiting for her to arrive this Wednesday. Now he has opened the famous secret diary, in which Rocío Jurado promised that his life will be kept in notes and audio. Some notes were discovered by her daughter 15 years ago and will be available soon. The circle reopens.

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