Rosalia returns with controversy in her most autobiographical album


Beyond the amazing experimental nature of the new songs Rosaliayour disk mum which comes out today has been a constant talking point due to its lyrics, and while some complain that the Spanish style is less and less understood, others will like its clearer sentences.

A few seconds of presentation of one of the topics was enough, hentaito be ridiculed on the net with some rhymes that show his new way of writing, something that in statements to Efe and the rest of the press during this promotional tour, he attributed to staunch machismo. “Björk once said something like that men are allowed to be many things, and women should only be feminine; fifteen seconds hentai they were enough to judge the song, without the release of the album, which gives it context. I thought we were done with it, but it’s clear makes me want to keep writing even more“, he confirms.

This determination to show that she can be something more as a woman is reflected in the title itself. mum, a duality consisting of “Moto” which means “heavier” in Japanese, and “Mami” denoting the image of the mother as a creative force,” the author claims, pointing to her own mother as the “original Motomami.” “As a child, she drove me around in a Harley dressed in black leather, with her vest, boots and curly blond hair, always with rings and earrings,” recalls this artist, who identifies herself with the letter “D” in her special alphabet. for dynamite”, with “H for depth”, with “P for patron saint”, “T for titanic” and “with Z for blackberry, zapateado and fox”.

It’s been four years since bad desire (2018), which has also been the subject of controversy over alleged cultural appropriation, but the author poorly instead of responding to every criticism, he devoted that time to writing and singing his truths in 16 songs, which he says are based on “autobiographical material, which he has never done in other projects.” “Wearing a Fendy F / dancing like a caramel candle / That’s how you fell in love with me the day I met you,” she barely whispers. Candiesthe reference is too specific not to relate to a personal episode.

“I feel like in a way I was thinking about how a director makes a film about how to make a film; in the end, I was thinking how can I make a record that reflects what I live, how I live. feelings and who I am right now, in this very moment. take a self-portrait“, said.

“I haven’t changed overnight”

Also in artistic terms, the verses of one of the topics are illustrative, Devil, as her autotune distorted voice sings “The one on TV is not the one I knew,” to which she replies, “I didn’t change overnight.” “I always feel that every next moment will be different from the previous one and that in the end my career will be a love letter to all the musical genres that I admire and love; I don’t want to think that I’ll never do something, I’m thinking about being open,” she stated before variations, for example, in her style.

Genre diversity is felt from the first moment. Jazz, which she learned at school in Barcelona, ​​is intertwined, as well as classical reggaeton, which she danced at fairs as a child, Latin American music classics such as Hector Lavoe, as well as “Jimmi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Lola Flores or Camaron.” . Because yes, among all this amalgam, there is still flamenco, as stated in Buleria: “To stay on my feet / I killed myself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week / that’s what I had to do / I’m the same cantaora / The same cantaora / In a Versace tracksuit and a little bailaora dress.”

“This is not an Evil Desire”

The need for mutation is represented in the album through the butterfly, an evolution that is defended in geniuses to those who yearn for the artist’s return from her previous album: “And you touched me where / Where I don’t want to be / It’s not a bad wish / It’s a bad wish.” This change is also valued in his texts, and the risk does not harm him. “If I die, let me die through my mouth like a fish dies,” he warns in Saokoin which he also emphasizes: “I know who I am and where I’m going, I will never forget“.

“For me bad desire it makes sense to try to write the eight-syllable quatrains that are classic flamenco, but this project was supposed to inspire me on how automatic writing or more abstract letterssuddenly super raw and inspired by the way Lil’ Kim writes, the Catalan justified changing her way of writing lyrics.

“If I break with this, then I will break”

This criticism has become a companion who follows her, like it or not, is included in Chicken Teriyakiin which he emphatically demonstrates his acceptance of it as part of the job: “And yes, fame is a persuasion / But tell me to get somebody else to pay for dinner / They tarnish me as a drag queen / Chul as Mike Dean.”

This does not appear to be the only assumption he has made in his career. In this regard, he warns several times about the dangers of empty greed (on the Illusions of grandeurfor example) and fame (“Fame is a bad lover / and she won’t love you for real,” The Weeknd reminds him in what was the first single).

But no matter what, Rosalia makes it clear that her commitment to another type of ambition, the artistic one, no matter the price that has to be paid: “He who knows knows that if I’m in it, it’s to break / And if I break with this, well, I’m breaking up / There’s only risk if there’s something to lose.”


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