Rosalía officially woos singer Rauw Alejandro

He was an open secret, but after a few hours it ceased to be. Rosalia Maintained a relationship with Rauw Alejandro and continued the first few months of love. The Spanish singer at the time was related to the Puerto Rican singer, but until the 28th birthday of the Catalan, the two officially collaborated.

They did this through a romantic image. Lying together on the sofa at home, playing game consoles or sailing on a yachtThe pure love in the snapshots they shared via Instagram, each in their own profile. A celebration you will never forget, because it is the announcement of your new illusion.

This is how Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro officially announce their relationship / Instagram

For those who don’t know Rosalia’s new boyfriend, it must be said that he is more likely to know one of her most famous songs: “You accelerated my heartbeat…I like everything about you, Said his chorus. The biggest blow to date. Now you can imagine those beautiful lines that make Spaniards an inspiring muse.

“Even if the sun goes down with you, the day will not end 🎶Happy birthday baby…🎂🎉💕”, she replied: “You are mine on December 24.” As expected, the fans of both were crazy about this handsome and famous new couple, and the social network was attracted by these pictures.

He hides behind his stage name Raul Alejandro He is the same age as Rosalía (28). Although it started to make a name for itself in the music field six years ago, it will not start to make the best city music rankings until 2020. It is already the flagship product of the reggae music industry, and each of its songs is usually copied millions of times on the digital platform. However, he has not had any records with his girlfriend, which is a gift for his followers.

The love story between them started when Rosalía offered to help him make aphrodisiac, The first studio album of a Latin American artist. Spend so much time together, let touch make the relationship beautiful.Similar to the situation experienced by the translator high class boutique with C. Tangana, He produced several songs from the album Evil will And had a brief relationship with him.

Just over a month ago, Rosalia talked about love in an interview Alofok Show, A famous radio show in the Dominican Republic, where he showed how difficult it is to maintain courtship: Dad’ It’s not difficult to fall in love with me, but if you want to stay in love in less than a few weeks, there are challenges », He commented. Of course, she defines herself as a girl who pays attention to details: «With my partner, I like to give him small things with small details. I said in great detail. I looked at it and if my partner likes Snapple (an American drink), for example, I would buy it for him in the supermarket».

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