Rosalía: Her kiss with Rauw Alejandro swept social networks

Rosalia with Lao Alejandro They took a huge step in romance.After announcing to much fanfare that they were dating, one of everyone’s most anticipated moments arrived: their First kissAlthough they have been cautious in talking about their courtship statement so far, they have broken that door and kissed the lips that made their fans crazy.

TikTok has always been the social network for the newlyweds to choose to release their love. The Reggae musician posted a 5-second video in which he and his girlfriend are sitting in a car. The video was recorded after the Rauw Alejandro concert and shows their reunion. After the rehearsed handshake, Rauw took Rosalia’s arm and kissed her lips..

@rauwalejandroShow CHECKKK #43 with my queen here! ! ✔️✔️✔️♬ Original sound-rauwalejandro

Translation at that time Pretty She laughed excitedly, grabbed the singer’s face and gave him another kiss. The video shows the two lovebirds most in love, enjoying the first few months of their relationship. The complicity between them is absolute, and this is the fullest confirmation of those who suspect that they are serious.this Tik Tok Increased by 2.7 million like And generated more than 28,000 comments. In addition, it has been shared more than 89,000 times. Some special numbers.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro kissing / TikTok

For those who have not paid attention to the brief evolution of courtship so far, it should be noted that their courtship has only recently begun.Rosalia offered to help him make aphrodisiac, Puerto Rican artist’s first studio album. The conversation and recording led to more than just love between them: they fell in love.

Although Rosalía hasn’t wanted to express how she feels about her boyfriend, the singer Everything about you Yes, he spoke of Catalan lightly.It was in his recent visit HolmigroPablo Motos asked her about her without hesitation. «Very cool, very good. We meet often », This is his first sentence about Rosalia. He also admitted that he had talked to her “five minutes ago”.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro shared a few pictures/Instagram
Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro shared a few pictures/Instagram

It is not difficult to imagine that they are constantly exchanging information. Now we have also confirmed that they often meet. Although they have not taken a group photo in front of the media camera, they have only done so on social networks. Last Friday, they were seen holding hands and leaving the venue where Alejandro performed in Murcia.

On a personal level, Rosalia is working on her third studio album, recording with some of the best producers in the United States. In his new album, he will be immersed in a rhythm like bachata. In his network, he has already promoted what the single will be.

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