Rosalía and El Niño de Elche set a launch date for their long-awaited collaboration


This Friday, November 18, Rosalía returns to the stage with a new collaboration. The artist participates in the new album of El Niño de Elche, performing the song mother seguiriyaa collaboration eagerly awaited by all their fans.

El Niño de Elche presents its new album this Friday, under the title of Flemish. “Mausoleum of celebration, love and death”, as he himself defines his new recording projectincludes a song with the Catalan artist.

It was at the beginning of last October that we learned that Rosalía would be part of the new album of El Niño de Elche, after the artist from Alicante shared through his social networks the tracklist of his new album.

So, after the success of you stopped loving mehis collaboration with C Tangana, El Niño de Elche presents an album in which he returns to give a spin to flamenco and in which It has had great artists, such as Rosalía, Angélica Liddell, Rocío Molina or Yerai Cortés.

Recently, El Niño de Elche acknowledged that he feels very much identified with the Catalan artist, especially for the reinterpretation of the flamenco genre that Rosalía has made. A work that he values ​​very positively, despite the fact that, like everything else, his music has also drawn criticism.

“Neither Rosalía nor I need flamenco purists to thank us. In addition, it would be our death because we would be like brothers with the same devil”, said the artist from Alicante in a recent interview with European press.

“It was very important that Rosalía collaborate on this disc, it is the first artist that I thought of”, expresses the artist when talking about the collaborations included in his new album. An album that contains a total of 14 songs, with which the artist celebrates “love and death”.


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