Rosa López: Signed by La Voz Kids as advisor to David Bisbal


Rose Lopez Continue to expand TV courses.Destiny wants him and David Bisbal’s path to shine again after more than two decades in the legend Victory Action 1the winner of . talent Gestmusic Endemol has joined as advisor to the men from Almeria – he repeats as coach – for the new version of sound children. A match is being recorded at the Atresmedia Theater in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid.

The Boomerang project is already underway and will once again have David Bisbal as the trainer and VIP face, Aitana Okana and Sebastián Yatra, three true musical realities of their respective styles. Eva Gonzalez This will be the host of the year, and the product is entertaining and great.It was Atresmedia that managed to create a winning formula under the brand sound This was confirmed in the first issue Sound 2022debuted last Friday with a 19.6 percent share and 1,684,000 viewers, making it the second-best premiere of Antena 3 of the year.

eva gonzalez in voice

It should be noted that one of the major innovations will be the return Rosary. daughter pharaoh Available in all editions except year.But the most anticipated reunion will undoubtedly be starring Rosa Lopez and David Bisbal, published exclusively Formula TVThe last time they were on set together was at the beginning of the 2000s, and they were two young talents looking to make a name for themselves in music. reach the goal.

They took the stage together for the first time on November 26, 2011 at the 5th Gala.they sang a duet live oura prelude to another successful pairing OT1, This hidden Chenoa and Bisbal This will be the beginning signal of their relationship. Rosa López and David Bisbal met again on the tour around the country after the race.His last time since his ex was very special Elena Tabrada Backing vocals for Andalusian singers during Rosa’s Eurovision Song Contest Celebrations in Europe.

Rosa Lopez, Chenoa, David Bisbal, David Bustamante and Gisela
Rosa López with Chenoa, David Bisbal, David Bustamante and Gisela on Eurovision 2002

We must emphasize the very special connection that arises between Triumph operation Yes sound. Several contestants passed one first and then the other as a prestigious judge. David Bisbal, Manuel Carrasco, Pablo López, Aitana, David Bustamante, Miriam Rodríguez and Lola Índigo coach. Rosa López has now joined the list, making it clear that no matter how many years pass, there are friendships that never go away. His relationship with David Bisbal is solid.


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