Romanian Drama: How Covid Affects Eastern Europe Without Vaccination

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In the past two weeks, 5,602 people died of Covid-19 in Romania. Accustomed to the startling numbers at the beginning of the pandemic, to us, they may not seem like many.We must also remember that we have completely Numb, numb, too tired of numbers And tragedy, willing to see sensational news in any news that makes us suspect that the virus has ended and disappeared forever.

Now, the data is as follows: 5,602 people died in two weeks Last month-9,688-is not only the highest number since the beginning of this nightmare, but for a country with a population of 19 million, it represents a real massacre. If we extrapolate the population of Spain, it is equivalent to 14,152 deaths in 14 days and 24,413 deaths in the entire month. Even in the accounting chaos of March and April 2020, our country has never reached these figures.

good news Romania The number of cases drops to 8% every week.The bad news is that the death toll still rises to the same 8%, although it is likely to stabilize at 2,500 new deaths. At this point in the movie, how does the vaccine protect us all, and how can this happen? It’s simple: In Romania, a vaccine was provided to everyone from the beginning. Even if we only vaccinate for certain age groups, they already provide an open bar. Why? Because most of its citizens do not want to be vaccinated.

Covid-19 cases in continental Europe.

Whether it is due to mistrust, religious reasons or other reasons, Only 31.95% Of Romanians have been fully vaccinated. Despite the evidence of death, people still show signs of extreme disinterest. It should be noted that in the past five months, only 10% of people have completed this model. One might think that in the Western world where everything seems to have been controlled, Romania is a strange wave and dead. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Covid-19 is being prepared with countries where the vaccinated countries do not reach the minimum 40%, which seems to be an obstacle. Interestingly, the vast majority of these countries are in Eastern Europe. Let’s analyze their situation.

80 years of drama

We have long stopped evaluating new Covid cases as we did before. make sense. Because the proportion of vaccine-protected risk groups and other populations is very high, the only way to know whether the pandemic continues to be a public health problem is to care for hospitalized patients and deaths. We will look at these last parameters because they are important parameters.

In Spain, even in the summer wave when the number of cases was very difficult, it exceeded 1 million in just over two months, and we have not seen-except for Catalonia-hospitals and The death toll is slightly more than 5,000At any other time, this happened more than we wanted, and less than we hoped.

If at the beginning of summer, the proportion of vaccinations in Spain is Slightly higher In Romania (33.38% on June 23), why did the virus not wipe out everything and cause tens of thousands of deaths? Because our elders are protected. As of October 29, 2021, nearly a year after the EU approved the first vaccine against Covid-19, only 20.6% of the population over 80 in Romania had been vaccinated. one fifth. In other words, four-fifths of the elderly have been exposed to the deadly virus. Of course, it shows. On June 23 mentioned above, Spain had vaccinated 95% of people over 60 years of age.

Percentage of vaccinations by age. Picture from @buceadorestadi3.

As shown in FIG, The problem of lack of vaccination Among the highest-risk age groups, this is not unique to Romania: Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Croatia and Latvia continue to leave one third of the elderly to their destiny. The vaccination situation in Bulgaria is even worse than in Romania: the vaccination rate for people over 80 years old is 21.1%, and the overall rate is 21.63%. An absurd and very dangerous number that creates a first-class health emergency.

In the past month, 2,906 Bulgarians died of coronavirus, Of which 1,616 have done so in the past two weeks. Bulgaria is a country with almost the same population as Madrid. Now imagine that 200 people die every day in Madrid. day after day. A whole month. As I said: You can only compare the horrors of March and April 2020. The problem in Bulgaria is that the number of cases per week continues to rise to 29%, which means that the death toll currently set at 19% will soon rise. We are very close to 300 deaths every day in Bulgaria, which is an unprecedented number.

Worrying cases in Russia and Ukraine

Even so, we are talking about countries with smaller populations, and we already know the percentages and alarms there are more likely to happen. Let’s look at two examples from Eastern Europe, whose numbers are more prominent than proportions: Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine does not provide vaccinations by age, But we know it is one of the fewest residents in Europe with a complete model: only 16.6%. Nevertheless, things have not gotten out of control until now, but the situation has begun to change fundamentally in recent weeks.

There are now more than 150,000 cases per week, and the population is slightly lower than that of Spain. They are the numbers we had at the worst time in July this year.

The point is that almost no one was vaccinated, and the death toll started to grow alarmingly: last week there were 3,815…but compared to the previous week, there was an increase of 55% in the case of detection, and the number of cases per week continued to rise to 40%. above. If it will reach thousands per week soon, it will not be surprising. If no extraordinary measures are taken, Covid-19 in Ukraine will soon kill 1,000 people a day (notice).

Every million residents die from Covid-19 every day.

Our data world

Unconventional measures, such as those already taken by Russia, even though Russia has its own vaccine, the number of people receiving a complete program still stays at 32.3%. As of this Friday, Moscow has begun a ten-day confinement period, and the hotel industry in other parts of the country has been severely restricted. It is “recommended” that unvaccinated seniors over 60 years old stay at home for the next four months of the terrible Russian winter.

Until next November 7, Except for some exceptions in the capital, work activities will be suspended. Whether the state will work hard to implement this measure and whether citizens will comply with it remains to be seen.

Currently In Russia, we have a less desperate scene Just like the countries mentioned above. Given that its population is almost three times that of Spain, neither the number of cases nor the proportion of deaths is amazing…Of course, even though it is primitive. In the past two weeks, nearly half a million Russians have been infected with Covid-19. The average daily death toll is 1,095, which means that the death toll may exceed 30,000 in just one month. Until now, Covid-19 has never come close to these numbers, whether due to bureaucratic notification issues, government orders or excellent measures.

Since the outbreak, some 240,000 Russians, The ratio is lower than the official number we have seen in Spain. If its peak is maintained at around 1,500 deaths per day-and it is unlikely to reach that many-then Spain’s death toll will be around 500.

Several body bags in a hospital in Bucharest.


We have seen it here too many times. The problem is not so much the past or the present as it is the future: Spain can breathe easily Enjoy an almost normal life because we are vaccinated. This is also true almost throughout Western Europe. As long as this situation does not occur in the analyzed country or their neighboring countries, they will always face the risk of any unforeseen event, especially in the coldest months.

In general, we must insist that the disease we are talking about is no longer the same disease as when the vaccine was used, but it continues to cause 3 million cases and approximately 50,000 deaths worldwide every week. In Europe alone, we saw a 16% increase in cases last week… an 18% increase in deaths.

Every week 3,000 Europeans die from Covid-19. From a meteorological point of view, the worst is that Not yet here. They are not variants, but vaccines. The sooner we are protected, the easier it will be to return to our previous state. At the same time, to confuse caution and attention with intimidation is going back to February 2020 prematurely.


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