Roman Abramovich to mediate Biden-Putin talks


ORof all Russians oligarchs who are currently suffering from the Biden administration’s sanctions, Roman Abramovich is the one who receives the least of them. There is a reason for this, because until now Chelsea owner is in a privileged position that makes it a unique player in this whole conflict between Russia and the rest of the world. Make no mistake, President Vladimir Putin is well aware that his country is in an economic war with the rest of the Western world. Even China does not agree with what it is doing in Ukraine, they have already publicly stated this several times. Abramovich is one of Putin’s closest allies, and a new opportunity has just presented itself with President Joe Biden’s recent arrival in Poland to visit the troops. According to investigative journalist Jakob Stachowiak, the oligarch also decided to take a train to Poland using his Portuguese passport.

The plan is for Abramovich to act as an intermediary in possible peace talks between Russia and the rest of the world. With Putin listening to him, Ukrainian President Zelensky allegedly advised President Biden not to impose sanctions on Abramovich as a goodwill gesture. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has already confirmed that Roman participated in the first round of peace talks between both sides in Belarus. Putin’s alleged plan is to send Abramovich to an informal meeting with Biden while the American president remains in Poland. Prior to traveling to Poland, Abramovich reportedly held talks with President Zelensky in Ukraine before boarding that train across the border with his Portuguese passport.

Abramovich’s role in peace mediation between Russia and Ukraine.

On the Russian side, Roman Abramovich has been a close friend of Vladimir Putin for decades. It is believed that it was he who recommended Putin to become president, and since then they have maintained a close relationship. On the Ukrainian side, Roman Abramovich is half Israeli, which means he is of Jewish origin. Ever since the invasion of Ukraine began, he has been determined to do everything in his power to bring peace and end this conflict. Photos of Abramovich waiting for his train to Poland went viral and confirmed the story on Thursday. Will the ashamed Chelsea oligarch become an unexpected hero and help end this conflict?


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