Rocío Osorno’s Zara suit jacket at Shein for only 16 euros


If you are a loyal follower of Internet celebrities Rossio Osorno You already know how much he likes it suit You can get a spectacular appearance with it.One of his most recent publications, he and Zara’s green blazer Has become one of the most talked about topics and has caused this jacket to exceed tired. But don’t worry, because You can Shane At an irresistible price.

Zara’s tired Rocío Osorno suit jacket at Shein for only 16 euros

We all know that the suit jacket is a “must-have” item this fall.Just look at Instagram of influencers, for example Rossio Osorno Who knows how to wear this type of clothes does not look like other people, not to mention when choosing a model like this Zara jacket, it may be because its publication has been completed Almost all Inditex signature stores are sold out.

A sort of tal straight jacket And how the latest trends are marked, Zara launched in such a drastic way Green and black buttons. A suit jacket that Osorno looks like can be paired with a suspender dress underneath, or as suggested by Zara, It can also be worn like suit By the way, this is another essential outfit for this fall, paired with black high-heeled boots.

Zara Mode

This model of Zara is very successful, as we said, many of its stores are already sold out, and If you want to buy online,you will see Only a few units of size M left

Then we have to wait for them to add, but if it were not, we would not risk it.If you want to wear a jacket like Rocío Osorno, you can You can also choose the green suit jacket style presented by Shein In its current autumn and winter series, this is a copy of Zara, but it has no buttons and the price is much cheaper.

Shane’s model

this The exhausted Zara model sells for 69.95 euros although Shane’s model, With a white crop top and skinny jeans, the price is only 16 euros Its size ranges from XS to XL, so make good use of it!

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