Rocío Osorno surprised us with this Mango corset dress

Rossio Osorno Surprise his followers on social networks Appear skirt A mango corset is worthy of a Madonna. We’re heading to the ’80s with clothes that pop divas didn’t hesitate to come by. This was the peak of the trend, which took lingerie outside and did it with extraordinary conquered Osorno I would definitely do the same with Madonna in a purple dress and high-end finishes. It may be from Gucci, but it’s a low-cost dress that can be yours.

Surprise everyone with the Mango corset worn by Rocío Osorno

Mango has a corset worn by Rocío Osorno This season, it is destined to leave more than one mouth open. We need to discover, in the first person, what will become the most valuable work of the moment. The essentials for success in being the best dressed in any act will await us.

The corset style has been around since the 80s. One day, Madonna decided to promote this quickly exposed costume. A woman’s body is not meant to hide, but to show off in all its splendor. With this dress, we’re getting a Hollywood-worthy style for very little money.

satin touch It is one of the foundations that shines with its own light. The satin we find in this type of dress will give our look the look we are looking for. A great choice, whether it’s a wedding, baptism or communion in style.

Gold details on the strap It gives it a more luxurious air. The dress couldn’t be more beautiful and elegant, it was taken care of down to the last detail, such as one shoulder with a jewel-like sequin. In the blink of an eye, as long as we like it, we can put on a beautiful dress.

this dress is short, we will use it to lengthen our legs and we will feel good with him. We’ll be able to use one of the clothes we’ll be showing off in the first person. If wearing a chunky bodysuit makes us feel more confident and comfortable, then anything can be paired with a dress that we can also wear a shirt under to give it that haute couture vibe. Get it, it’s only 79.99 euros.