Rocío Osorno dares with Zara’s craziest choker flying this Christmas


This year you will succeed with the most striking accessories. And they are carried by the influencers who have the most followers on social networks. Yes, Rocío Osorno dares with him craziest choker off Zara which will fly this Christmas.

It is in the form of a waterfall and silver and it elevates all types of looks that you wear at parties or always to maximum power.

How’s Zara’s craziest choker?

It is the metallic choker with the application of jewelry. Its carabiner-shaped closure is ideal to hold without being visible.

Rocío Osorno carries this necklace with a jumpsuit in black, which gives a vintage look because it is inspired by 60s and 70s clothes, so that the whole set, garment and accessory, from Zara is so that you can get them and copy their outfit for a party.

Now this choker, whose price is 39.95 euros, it can fit well with what you want to wear right now. From denim shirts, to well-cut tops to make it look even more, or even black dresses or silver sequins to fit better and in combination with everything we wear.

Rocío Osorno dares with Zara's craziest choker flying this Christmas

Can get an even more daring look if you wear this necklace with silver ankle boots. Since this accessory is worn by one of the most famous influencers at the moment, it will surely fly, so look for it on the web or in the Zara store near you. So there you can try it, see how well it suits you and buy it right away.

Rocío Osorno dares with Zara's craziest choker flying this Christmas

You have to have it for these Christmas weekends yes or yes, and then in other events that are sure to come up next year. You can take it with accessories other than these dates always mark a very elegant outfit. As we have indicated, with black or silver boots, with handbags mini in the same tone, oblong drop-shaped earrings and also with very thick bracelets, as many other brands have on the market, and at a good price, today.

Its cascade shape is unique and shows an elegance unique to everyone. It is one of the star garments in Zara that tends to run out also because many celebrities wear it and we all want it. Do not miss it and enjoy its power all year round!

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