Rocío Osorno combines Zara button bustier which is a fantasy


Rocío Osorno is one of the fashion influences which teaches us how to combine Zara button bustier, which is a real fantasy. Zara is one of Osorno’s reference brands that is able to wear impossible garments for everyday use like no other. We can buy this incredible bustier for a special occasion and thanks to this influencer, she knows how to combine it perfectly in a daily action-packed day. That’s how he wears it Rocio Osorno to go to the office.

Rocío Osorno with Zara bustier

The the new Zara collection for this season It has garments that are truly extraordinary. The designers of this low cost brand have chosen to give a very special elegant air to some garments that we need to wear as much as possible. If you love luxury, but want to take advantage of every item of clothing in your wardrobe, note how Rocío Osorno is currently wearing bustier

Momentets influencer par excellence, Rocío Osorno makes the dream of investing our money in a fantasy garment come true. A bustier in the purest style Moulin Rouge It’s one of the pieces that divides our hearts. On the one hand, we have to get at it to feel like the main characters for a day or arrive at an event that is best dressed. On the other hand, we want to spend our money wisely, on parts that we can use well.

This bustier from Zara is the surprise of the season, a garment intended to make us dream. With a straight design and impressive golden buttons, we will be able to take off a size and look good with any bottom, skirt or pants that we can stand out with when we feel like it. Its price of 39.95 makes it an affordable investment for a special event or date.

This is how Rocío Osorno combines Zara's bust, which is a real fantasy

Rocío Osorno has chosen this bustier that she may have discovered for us, but she combines it in a way that makes stand out even more and be very versatile. With white shirt below, in this case we have chosen a Zara garment from the new collection, with jewel-like buttons. Luxury personalized can become ours with this complement for only 25 euros.

In this way, Rocío Osorno can combine with maximum elegance bustier that you can wear whenever you want in a more formal or less formal way, depending on the occasion or how you feel.

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