Rocío Osorno chooses the best-selling Zara white lace suit


Rocío Osorno has discovered a white lace suit for us from Zara with which we can even walk through the altar or go to any event when we are best dressed. The new collection of Zara characterized by the color white, we find garments of all kinds, dresses, pants, jackets, skirts and this incredible suit as an introductory letter to a season marked by light. The lace becomes the most visible part of a suit of those who stand out at first glance, Rocio Osorno you discover the most beautiful two of spring.

Zara has the white lace suit that has conquered Rocío Osorno

The lace of this dress looks like something out of a vintage wedding dress. from central Paris, but it’s part of the fabric that Zara has created one of her iconic costumes with. It is impossible not to fall in love at first sight with one of the two parts that stand out, not only for the fabric, but also for a design that will delight fashion experts like Rocío Osorno.

The flu has discovered these two garments for us which can stand out together or separately, they will always be beautiful. This costume is even suitable if we want to give a bourgeois wedding a different look or wear a second outfit to dance to at dawn once we have taken off the wedding dress of our dreams.

The possibilities are enormous From the hand of one of the clothing brands with the most followers, Zara makes it easy for us with a luxury collection at low prices. A costume for going to work, getting married or coming to weddings, baptisms and communions in style. A two-piece that will create different festive looks.

Only the American is already a good complement, the perfect mid-season jacket for all events. We can wear it with our exceptional black dress or with a garment that stands out a little more thanks to this lace jacket that will always look good. Its price of 79 euros and the fact that it is available in all sizes is a guarantee that encourages us to try and buy it.

The pants have the same lace, exposes the most sensitive parts of the body. Our legs will be covered and will stand out with this most special and original set of transparencies. You can not stay without the garment of the moment, an ideal pair of trousers for weddings, baptisms and communion that costs only 49.95 euros

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