Rocío Jurado: This is how the estate of La Más Grande is distributed


Rocio CarrascoOr clearly stated in his documentary series ‘dew. Tell the truth to live’, Read the last will Rossio Jurado They were the fuse of his family: “From that day on, my family finally exploded. Everyone ended up somewhere, some were together, and some were on the road.” The reading of the will took place on June 27, 2006, and began a war that has not surrendered three years later.

The singer’s daughter promised “We are the ones who must be there” in her TV story, although she corrected it shortly afterwards to clarify that “she is not the one we must be there because her brother, her sister, her Husband, I must be there.”. Her siblings (Gloria and Amador Mohedano), her children (José Fernando, Gloria Camila, and Rocío Carrasco) and her husband (José Ortega Cano) participated in an inheritance, some of which were returned with permission The category is “poisoned.” Pakiri’s.

Rocío Jurado File Picture/Gtres

The singer’s legacy at the time of death is estimated to be about 7 million eurosRocío Jurado is not only financially, at Chipiona or Miami’s home, precious jewels, and as an artist’s legacy in the form of 9 movies and 27 albums It was bombarded and left a series of unpublished documents and manuscripts. Rocío Jurado’s major move was to revoke her original will and instead support her new will before heading to Houston for cancer treatment. In order to properly distribute the assets he was leaving, he appointed his lawyer and friend Ana Iglesias as the executor. But what about the cast?

Things Rocío Jurado left for her children

The law is clear in this respect and stipulates One third of the inheritance belongs to his three children: Gloria Camila, José Fernando Ortega and Rocío CarrascoHowever, the latter will become the universal heir, which is detrimental to Ortega Cano, who is deprived of the widow quota, and the two adopted children of the marriage.

Rocío Carrasco, great beneficiary

The third improvement is attributed to Rociíto, who inherited four-ninths of his late mother’s inheritance. Rocío Jurado made it clear in writing that her children would share the money from the sale of the La Moraleja mansion, she stayed there until the last breath, and must be transferred within two years of her death. From this formula was born a matador, who will live in Yerba Buena with the minors Gloria Camila and José Fernando at the time.

Rocío Carrasco and Rocío Jurado, 1992 / Gtres
Rocío Carrasco and Rocío Jurado, 1992 / Gtres

Thanks to the third improvement, Rocío Carrasco was able to obtain important real estate assets, such as the farm’El Administrator’. When she married Pedro Carrasco, her mother bought the farm to grow vines. On the day of the death of the jury, the value of the house was 870 million pesetas.

Because of her role as the global heir, Rossito inherited all of her mother’s apartments abroad, as well as the audiovisual rights to jewelry, clothing, furniture, paintings, songs and movies.

Gloria and Amador Mohdano

The third is provided free of charge to his brother and his godson Fernando, as well as his personal secretary and unconditional friend Juan de la Rosa. He bequeathed to them the industrial buildings he had purchased at the “Los Naranjos” farm in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid). These last two are between Gloria and Amador. The sister who translated’Marinero de Luces’ also received the spacious house’Mi abuela Rocio’. For de la Rosa, he built a duplex apartment in Chipiona, where he retired from cancer, worth 35 million pesetas. The estate of his brothers is estimated at 450 million in total.

Amador Mojedano, Jose Ortega Cano, Gloria Mojedano, Jose Antonio Rodriguez
Amador Mohedano, José Ortega Cano, Gloria Mohedano and José Antonio Rodríguez, photo/Gtres

Jose Ortega Cano

There is no doubt that the right-handed is the one who feels most aggrieved by the distribution of Rossio Jurado’s estate. Initially, he was entitled to one-third of the assets, but his wife only left him the bullfighting herd they bought in 1997, which produced an average of 180 bulls per year. Ortega Cano eventually transferred this business to a Peruvian millionaire. There is no sign of the apartment they bought in Miami.

Rossio Jurado and Ortega Cano
Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano at a public event in Madrid in 2004. / GTRES

However, Ortega never complained about him, at least publicly: “I don’t know the will, and no one else knows. I’ve never talked about it with Rocio, and I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Willing, I totally refuse to talk about it with her. I believe Rossio’s decision to sell the house we live in has her reasons. I respect her decision and her wishes very much. For me, she has made it perfect. She has done a lot and is very conscious. And correct thinking. He did it perfectly, as far as I am concerned, I think it is good, and the same is true for other people. He is absolutely correct and has always been great because everything he has done in his life is the same,” he told reporter Inés Ballester.

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