Rocío Flores, the record 180-degree turn: from her physique to her TV goodbye


dew He has become one of the most persecuted figures in our social chronicles. Although she was behind the scenes in everything related to the media years ago, her life took a U-turn when she became a defender of her father, Antonio David Flores. VIP big brother. That was his giant leap on television, though not his most prosperous moment.Over time it achieved this as it carved out a niche for itself by placing itself on the front pages of the media Survivor 2020. Reality He reached the end of the race, and just in time Anna Maria Aldenwith whom he starred in a number of other confrontations.

Rocio Flores/Telecinco

Space Jorge Javier Vazquez This was at the root of his physical changes, as while he lost weight due to having to compete in the famous survival competition, he kept the weight off for the next few months when he returned to Spain. Rocio even shared the different beauty treatments she’s received. Among them, the microblading technology, adds more depth and expression to your eyes.Also, inject Hyaluronic acid on lips.

Rocío Flores / Gtres in file image
Rocío Flores / Gtres in file image

“All I do is put a drop of acid (referring to hyaluronic acid) because my bones are very visible. So I put it on so the nose is completely straight,” he said in his story from Instagram. «I’ve put a little acid on my lips, which I haven’t done in over a year. The lips bother me a bit, but it doesn’t hurt either,” he added. On the other hand, Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter also received treatment to show radiant and vitaminized skin. In some case, he opted for wood therapy, one of its effects is the ability to expel the skin, and most importantly, it can be performed on any part of the body.

goodbye your tv

his bond with him Anna Rosa’s show it ends. Rossio struck a deal with producers to keep the young woman working in the Telecinco field. Some say the TV company’s contract requirements are too high. In doing so, Rocío Flores may have had tense conversations with plans she was involved in a few months ago, but as Lecturas magazine pointed out, they didn’t come to fruition. At least now is the final step in his proclamation of his career in this project.

Currently, the daughter of the former National Guard is focused on her social network, where she already has nearly 1 million followers. The influencer shares ads for the brands she’s under contract with and stays out of the media spotlight because she doesn’t like making statements about her personal life.


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