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‘S news The separation of Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno It is still up to date, although Marriage did not comment on it.The former National Guard is a frequent visitor to the media. His silence is focused on his daughter Rocio, who is the current collaborator. Anna Rosa’s show. Whether it is those who are interested, or their family and environment, they don’t want to express their opinions on one of the most watched news this season. As Look has learnedEven the lawyer for Antonio David Flores, who has been in close contact with the media recently, commented or explained the lawsuit he brought to clients, and failed to confirm or deny the news that appeared on the cover of the magazine last week. .

Olga Moreno and Antonio David Flores hug/Gtres

Facing his father’s silence-some people say that the marriage agreement will never reveal what they call the separation- Rossio Flores is in an awkward situation. She is a TV collaborator, as a family member, she will get direct first-hand information. What is Rocio’s position on this delicate issue that affects her father and his wife Olga?

Since I decided to participate in the reality show Big Brother VIP In defense of her father who accidentally signed in the 2019 game, the eldest daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores has been making her mark in the media.Last April, he made his debut in the social club section Anna Rosa Project, The audience leader, the documentary is broadcast throughout Rossio, tell the truth to liveAs the protagonist of part of the aforementioned documentary series, this young woman faces the terrifying story her mother tells in front of millions of viewers. despite this, He only appeared as a commentator From reality survivor, Released the day before the debut. According to Carrasco himself, he did not want to participate in describing the years spent with his father as a version of hell.

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This story did not leave anyone indifferent because of its extreme harshness.The marriage separated in 1999, and according to Rocío Carrasco, it was then The attack of the perfect plan begins She continued to file several lawsuits by her ex-husband and her in the media to protect her honor and image rights. Antonio David Flores questioned Carrasco’s remarks and disqualification as a mother did not stop. In recent years, the conflict has intensified. December 2016 Decided to report him Madrid Directive No. 23 was prosecuted for psychological harm and violation of guardianship. At the request of the prosecutor, the court itself transferred the case to Alcobendas’ Gender Violence Case No. 1.The way Rocío Flores left home and severed relationship with his mother was part of the complaint two years later Be laid off Madrid Provincial Court.

Rocio’s daughter doesn’t want to talk about it Sitting on the sofa is one of his conditions Augmented RealityIt was a difficult time for this young woman, but eight days after she first appeared as a live commentator, she gave up her intention not to participate in the live broadcast.Put on I haven’t seen my mother for more than seven yearsFrom the day she left home with her father after a fierce quarrel, the chronological narrative of the documentary series reached the year she left home. At that time, her daughter faced the camera and decided to call her mother publicly, asking her to call her, and picking up the phone to talk to her and her brother. Rocío Carrasco has always believed that her two children were victims His father’s decision and explained it in his statement in the series.

Olga Moreno, Antonio David Flores
Olga Moreno looks fondly at Antonio David Flores/Gtres

‘S news The separation of Antonio David Flores and Olga MorenoRocío Flores has been living with her since she was 16 years old, which put the TV collaborator back into the trouble of how to pronounce. After his father went to the police station with a TV camera, he disappeared from the media and remained silent. The above-mentioned weekly magazine was published this Wednesday. Rocío Flores went to the upper level of the chain store and asked for any information related to the above-mentioned marriage separation between her father and Olga to be separated. Olga ( Olga) has developed a deep affection for her. The one you have always supported.again Will sit in front of the camera and participateAs a member of the family, he did not surpass his status. There are several exits at this crossroads, all of which are supported by plans that support it, but two of them gained more power before the big day. ) Or will they announce the live broadcast of Rocío Flores’ response to hearing her finally say “I am not going to comment on this matter”? Of course, the most unlikely thing is for the daughter of Rocío Carrasco to open up and use her hair and gestures to tell what happened in the arms of her perfect family and how she lived, but it could also be her last blow. , The third way.

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