Rocío Flores’ reassuring message: “Return to normal life”


Dew Disappointed.Although she has been behind the scenes a few years ago, since she became an advocate Antonio David Flores When it becomes part of Big Brother VIP, His TV career has been unstoppable. However, last March, when her mother Rocio Carrasco broke her silence in Rocio, her life changed completely: tell the truth to live.A documentary series in which the greatest daughter tells how she separated from the former National Guard and the reasons for her alienation from the children, Rossio and David Flores, Among other things. A few months later, the granddaughter of Rossio Jurado was hit again because her father and Olga Moreno were separated.

Rossio Flores at Telecinco./Gtres

A situation that no one expected, because the marriage has always been strong.That is the magazine Reading Who announced the news, Antonio David confirmed it 10 days later. For the whole family, they have passed turbulent days, but now Rocío Flores has revealed her situation. He did it through his Instagram profile, and he already has nearly 1 million followers.

Text by Rocío Flores / @rotrece
Text by Rocío Flores / @rotrece

“Good morning, it’s calmer now,” said the news first. “Return to my normal life” has already been shown. Then, he wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the love he received during one of the most difficult moments of his life. “Thank you for your show of affection”, it was over.

Rocío Flores and her partner.  /Gtres
Rocío Flores and her partner. /Gtres

Due to her professional commitment, after a few days in Madrid, Rossio returned to Malaga, where she and her partner lived. Before participating in the AVE, Rossio replied sharply to reporters that her father might be unfaithful to Olga Moreno. “I think it’s enough to have a guess. I think it’s clear…”, She said angrily.

In the statement recited by Antonio David Flores, he also made this allegation clear, as he had a relationship with reporter Marta Riesco in recent days. “A person, a colleague, and a reporter, without any evidence, was marked with a red letter, saying that this was the fuse of my breakup. This is completely wrong. It has caused such a big damage…”, he Said, affected by the situation.

On the other hand, Olga Moreno still knows nothing about what happened in her family, because she has not said it at the moment, which is not surprising, because the winner of “Survivor 2021” has been very jealous of your privacy. The number of public statements he made about his personal life has been counted.Last time it was on specials Now Olga, The survival reality show just left was broadcast on Mediaset.

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