Rocío Flores neither admits nor denies: “Nevertheless, we are still a family”


Dew Undoubtedly going through the most turbulent stage His 25 yearsThe very difficult episode with her mother was gone forever, and she was sentenced to justice.withLla insisted on burying him in the past and refused to apologize. Despite the strong return of that episode in recent months, the distortion of the script makes the current eclipse full of pain, and when it becomes a public issue, the details of his aggression give rise to this pain.She is turning the page Reality This may make it difficult for you to choose the worst moment in your life from multiple moments.

Rossio Flores at Telecinco/Mediaset

Almost 10 days have passed since the news of her father’s separation from Olga became public. Although the whole family is joining the band, she is the first person to appear on camera.Already here Anna Rosa’s showThis is a format in which he has worked for a long time. Since his mother accidentally appeared in a documentary in March last year, this format has become the only platform for him to answer all the controversies surrounding him. Rossio, tell the truth to live.

Rocío Flores interviewed by the media / Gtres

The difference this time is that what Rocío Flores has to face is not her mother’s words, but family information related to her work. The rumors continue to point to the journalists in the aforementioned space and Antonio David Flores (Antonio David Flores) For anyone on the set, they shouldn’t be a delicious dish, especially for her.

Ana Rosa, in collaboration with Marta Riesco / Telecinco
Ana Rosa, in collaboration with Marta Riesco / Telecinco

If Rocio appears on the screen, Joaquin Pratt has announced it before. I want to answer the question whether Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno have separated. So it has already happened. At the beginning of the social club of the above show, Ana Rosa Quintana on the sofa disappeared. The co-host interviewed a sealed Rocío Flores, Her approach is the same as the strategy followed by her family.Obviously uncomfortable, the collaborator has promised to confirm or not interrupt “This is what belongs to them. They are the protagonist. I will respect the decision they made. I stay on the sidelines. I will not say what the protagonist did not say.”

Rocío Flores Watch video / Mediaset
Rocío Flores Watch video / Mediaset

Pratt persisted for a few minutes, and his partner was not happy at all. On the brink of tears more than once, Rossio has kept her original position, wanting to clarify, yes, what happened to her is not the result of the past nine days, but a year of continuous shock.

According to the daughter of Antonio David Flores, it is “obvious” that her father continues to live in the home where he has always been, but despite this, he insists on clarifying one thing to make sure “What I know is that the most important thing is that we are a family, no matter what happens in the marriage, we are all one family, and we always have been.”

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