Rocío Flores: First time with Marta Riesco

Everything passed with the normality of another Friday. Dew She went to the Mediaset facility to prepare to exercise her role as a collaborator Anna Rosa Project. But so far, nothing has happened. When he arrived at the meeting before the broadcast and saw the run-down, he realized that he would coincide with a key figure in his life: Marta Risco.

Marta Riesco, in Ana Rosa / Telecinco

This is the first time Rossio and Marta have met on set since the intense dispute over the separation of Antonio David Flores broke out. Remember, the reporter was involuntarily involved in the break between Olga Moreno and the former National Guard. I don’t know if they can exchange impressions privately, but as we all know, in this particular situation, a collective forum is essential.

Some voices affirm that the lack of love is caused by a third party, and others point out that Riesco is responsible. This was a very delicate moment for all the parties involved, which caused Anna Rosa’s reporter to step aside and temporarily cut off her presence in front of the camera. Indeed, he resumed his normal activities after some time.

Marta Riesco and Rocío Flores, on the set of Ana Rosa / Mediaset

Marta Riesco sits to the right of the show host, Patricia Pardo, and Ana Rosa Quintana is absent. On the left is Rocío Flores. The host imposed separation between them.When the camera is turned off, the distance also seems to increase Because I used to see them together often, it is reflected in everyone’s social network in the plan. However, this trend has changed over time. At this point, the fact that Rocío Flores deleted all traces of the birthday party Marta Riesco organized for her on Instagram is especially important.

In the show, the themes are: Public conflict between Pepe Navarro and Ivonne Reyes The father of Alejandro Reyes. The first speaker was Marta Risco. Rossio hardly talked about it, only to defend Alejandro Reyes (Alejandro Reyes) Survivor 2020.

Rocío Flores, in Ana Rosa / Telecinco

Nothing has ever been evaluated about Antonio David Flores or their separation. Shockingly, Marta Risco did not complete the construction of the social club until the end. Taking advantage of the commercial break at around 1:15 pm, the collaborators left, so there was no meeting between them at the end of this section.

Message from Rocío Flores to Rosa Benito

From there, Rocío Carrasco’s daughter started talking about her trip to Paris with Gloria Camila, or the reconciliation between Belén Esteban and Rosa Benito, and she sent them a very strong message: “I never laughed at you or anyone in your family.” He admitted that he had not had a good time in this matter because he accepted Rosa’s statement that he attacked Luo very severely. She said that she did not call him because she would not arrange anything. “She did not call him soberly either” and calmly said “You are my aunt. If you reflect at any time, I am here.” . I don’t have to call anyone ».

It should also be pointed out that this strange coincidence happened in Rossio Carrasco Appeared again at the grand party of La Fábrica de la Tele, dancing Conga with Belén Esteban and others help me. Production company of Rocío Flores and Antonio David They went to court Recently for different reasons.

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