Rocio Flores’ final blow to Augustine Etienne and Olga Moreno


The relationship between Augustine Etienne Olga Moreno is a topic that seems to haunt Rossio Flores quite a bit. And here’s the thing, while the young woman has yet to say what she thinks about the new media romance, the fact that she’s already engaged in a series of moves with the two protagonists in question hints that her love story won’t feel special it is good.

Rocío Flores with Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne / Gtres

Just a few hours ago, it was known that while celebrating her 26th birthday, her daughter Anthony David Flores Choose to pursue the chase with his personal and professional representativesThat’s it, although until now they have formed a labor tandem that seems to be getting stronger, the fact that Augustine’s last love campaign with his father’s ex didn’t quite convince influencer, which is why he is no longer part of the Argentine representative that To this day, Rocío does not follow Etienne on her social networks and has deleted all traces of her agency from social networks until a few days agoending a labor-management relationship that seemed to have broken into a thousand pieces.

Rocio Flores/Gtres
Rocio Flores smiles / Gtres

How could it be otherwise, when Gtres’ cameras met Rocío Carrasco’s daughter this morning, they didn’t hesitate to ask about their current relationship with Agustín and Olga Moreno.Something the young woman doesn’t want to respond to, making it clear “He won’t say anything” on the subject and maintaining the tightness that is already common in it.

Likewise, journalists meet in Malaga Olga Moreno, asked if his relationship with Rossio Flores had been marred by his courtship with Augustine Etienne.Although the winner survivor He didn’t want to make a statement about it, he keeps smiling It’s implied that she’s in one of the happiest moments of her life and is completely oblivious to whether other people might think her love story is as real as she and her boyfriend claim.

Augustine Etienne and Olga Moreno
Rocío Flores, Agustín Etienne and Olga Moreno / Instagram

Still, it seems true that there will come a day when there will be little or no friendship between Rocio Flores and Olga Moreno that unites them so firmly. The daughter of the former National Guard always considers the designer her mother, although now Olga’s series of actions will completely destroy their good relationship.It all started with Moreno giving an exclusive interview reading In it, she clarifies all the details of her breakup with Antonio David, which Rocio doesn’t like, so she lets him know because she doesn’t know the report that’s going to be released.


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