Rocio Carrasco’s reaction to Gloria Camilla’s lawsuit

Rossio Carrasco Appeared again in the Palomo Spain street parade in Madrid.Smile and relax, daughter biggest He tried to avoid any comment on the lawsuit brought by his sister. Gloria Camilla. As the magazine exclusively disclosed 10 minutes, Rocío Jurado’s daughter wants to initiate legal proceedings against her sister, TV factory And Mediaset illegally interfered with his mother’s basic personal rights, and his mother was Like a wave.

A few days ago, Rossio Carrasco appeared again at an event in Palomo, Spain. /Gtres

However, he made some compelling statements to media reporter Kike Calleja. help me In this framework, it is back to the front page of the media. «We will start recording next week.exist In the name of Rossio We will talk about Rocío Mohedano, his family, cousin… such a great and wonderful person. You never know everything about her.I am very satisfied with what we have done and what we are going to do», he talked about the second part of his document series.

Rocío Carrasco guarantees that the documentary will continue. /Gtres
Rocío Carrasco guarantees that the documentary will continue. /Gtres

Later, Calleja asked her a question with Gloria Camila. She did not escape this difficult question, but answered it very sincerely. «I am very happy because I like it and it is one of the most important things for me. I’m very satisfied, very strong, very excited & #8230; I am not going to talk about judicial issues, I just want to say that you don’t have to be so nervous. I see too much nerve», he explained with a smile.

Rocío Carrasco with Boris Izaguirre, Raquel Sánchez Silva and Matías Dumont. /Gtres
Rocío Carrasco with Boris Izaguirre, Raquel Sánchez Silva and Matías Dumont. /Gtres

After twelve episodes were broadcast Rossito He told about his marriage to Antonio David Flores and his estrangement from his children Rocío and David Flores. At least for now, if justice does not intervene, there will be a second part. Faced with this situation, Gloria Camila wanted to intervene to prevent production from moving forward. 10 minutes, Also had the opportunity to participate in the lawsuit, in which the young woman asked Rocío Carrasco, La Fábrica de la Tele and Mediaset to display and provide to the court all the private document formats that Rociíto will provide to the producer Rocío Jurado. “The 5th Court of First Instance of Alcobendas corresponding to this matter has issued an order dated September 30, 2021. The judge has agreed to Gloria Camilla’s request and believes that the requested proceedings are sufficient.” , The above explanation says medium.

On the other hand, Rocío Flores is still on the sidelines, at least for now. His father, Antonio David Flores, was also in full legal proceedings after his last victory over Sálvame and his immediate dismissal. In addition, he revealed a few days ago that he is taking measures for all the framing of the documentary by his ex-wife Rocío Carrasco.

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