Rocío Carrasco: Spend the night with the collaborators of “Save Me”


Rossio Carrasco It reappeared, but it did not appear alone, but with Fidel Albiac.’S daughter Rossio JuradoImmersed in the recording of the second part of her documentary series, this Thursday went out to a party with her husband and famous faces in the Telecinco world.No shortage of meetings Belen Esteban, She was with Miguel Marcos and Lydia Lozano, who posed for the media after hosting a solidarity market to help residents of La Palma.

Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albian with friends. /Gtres

David Valldeperas and his collaborators help me Like Carmen Alcayde or journalist José Antonio León, they don’t want to miss this date.They met at a famous venue in Madrid to celebrate the upcoming premiere of Rocío Carrasco’s series In the name of Rossio, Where’s daughter Pedro Carrasco He will tell about his experience and the reasons why he lost contact with some family members, such as José Ortega Cano or his brothers José Fernando and Gloria Camila.

Rocío Carrasco, Anabel Dueñas and Carmen Chaparro.  /Gtres
Rocío Carrasco, Anabel Dueñas and Carmen Chaparro. /Gtres

On Thursday, Carlota Corredera (Carlota Corredera) has announced news about the new documentary series in Sálvame. “Quickly, over the bridge”, He said. Very important things will happen, in the name of Rossio… there will be news and information about the documentary series,” the host added.

This time the story Rossio Carrasco Your relatives will give you a more direct response: your sister Gloria Camilla. The actress has signed Sonsoles Ónega’s format, Already 8, A space for discussing the themes of social chronicles in our country. During the premiere of the show, the host wanted to know if she would speak completely freely, because some issues would put Gloria Camila in the eyes of a hurricane. The aunt of Rocío Flores did not avoid any family issues, but promised “of course” that she would express her opinion on the exposed issues.

Rocío Carrasco smiled.  /Gtres
Rocío Carrasco smiled. /Gtres

On the other hand, his daughter, Dew Will have to live in the second part as part of the collaborator group Anna Rosa’s show. this Influencer He signed last season and decided to repeat this experience. In this way, he had to face the new testimony of his mother.

In addition, a few days ago, Rossio and Gloria Camilla were enjoying a special trip to Paris, which confirmed the good harmony between them. «We had a great time, I love Paris, you have seen the distance… We are super happy We had a great time,” José Ortega Cano’s daughter confessed. José Fernando’s sister said that the vacation was quick, “both to get to know the city and to create content on Instagram”. Now we just need to Waiting for premiere In the name of Rossio See how it reacts in the Flores-Mohedano family.

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