Rocío Carrasco and Olga Moreno: tense face to face in court


Rocio Carrasco She continues to face the legal cases that she herself opened against all those who tried to damage her image, according to her, based on lies. In recent days, the daughter of Rocío Jurado has returned to the courts to testify before the judge, this time, for a cause that confronts her directly with Olga Moreno, whom she sued exactly three years ago, considering that the businesswoman had violated her right to honor during an interview with Deluxe Saturday on November 23, 2019.

This was her first interview on television, and in it, in addition to talking about her relationship with the former civil guard and his children, Rocío and David, the woman from Malaga also made intimate confessions about the eldest daughter of ‘the greatest’, Even arriving to question the beating she received from her daughter when there is a conviction for habitual mistreatment, threats and insults against his mother, accuse her of not going to the hospital when her son had pneumoniasomething that the protagonist of Dew. tell the truth to stay alive He already proved that it was a lie.

Rocio Carrasco and Fidel Albiac.

After several years without seeing each other, Olga and Rocío have starred in a tense face to face in the courts of the Madrid town of Alcobendas. This is how the magazine picked it up readings in his number this Wednesday, through information that he has supplemented with various images of the moment.

According to the aforementioned publication, Fidel Albiac’s wife was the first to arrive. She did it together with her lawyer, Javier Vasallo, and visibly calm and relaxed, although she wanted the defendant to finally pay for her alleged lies. Minutes later, it was Olga who, accompanied by her legal representative and Agustín Etienne, her new illusion, quickly entered the place, but not before showing before the camera a serious countenance, restless and full of concern.

It was after the arrival of the malagueña when both were called to testify before the judge. A tense meeting that lasted 60 minutes. And it is that, although everything indicates that there was more than one exchange of glances between them, according to readingsOlga was unable to keep her gaze on her television enemy par excellence.

It was time to give a statement. Thus, while the woman from Malaga tried to defend herself by arguing that all her words were based on what she herself had experienced with the young woman, Rocío chose to tell the judge what she really felt when she heard these statements, which she did not hesitate to classify as “false”.

Olga Moreno and Agustin Etienne / Gtres
Olga Moreno and Agustin Etienne.

At the end of the hearing, the girlfriend of Agustín Etienne and the daughter of Pedro Carrasco met face to face again, this time, at the exit of the courts. Olga, who at that moment was at the gates of the place waiting for her lawyer, saw how Rocío left the premises much more quickly and also accompanied by her legal representative. A moment when The mother of Antonio David Flores’s youngest daughter watched Carrasco’s every step out of the corner of her eye.

As Rocío has shown over the last few months in their respective docuseries, she is not willing to admit that nobody calls her a ‘bad mother’ when, from her point of view, it has not been because they have not even let her see nor enjoy their children. This is why she started a legal battle against Olga Moreno For the moment, its outcome is unknown. However, what is clear is that this visit to the court has meant a new step forward in Carrasco’s fight for justice and dismantle all the lies that have been told about her over the past two decades.


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