Rocio Carrasco: 10 most shocking words from her overwhelming testimony

Heartbreaking, emotional, shocking… No adjective is enough to describe anything Rossio Carrasco In “Rosio. Tell the truth to live.”this The author’s deathly silence Just finished reading any chapter is the best proof of how overwhelming his words are, sometimes full of tears and anxiety. We collect the most impressive phrases.

The reason she decided to speak after 20 years was a problem that emerged this week, in which Rossio has confirmed that this is what she must do. «I owe myself and the people who love me. My husband, my mother-in-law, my friend. This is my family, another family. In addition to blood, another family I chose”

She decides to speak for her, for the family she chooses, for the people who love her/Gtres

  1. “I have fallen to the bottom, and when I fell to the bottom, I realized that I couldn’t go on like this anymore.”In the first issue, Rocío Jurado’s daughter talked about what happened on August 5, 2019. An attempted suicide resulted in her being admitted to the Madrid Hospital.When she realized that her daughter would become an advocate, the last straw came Antonio David Flores During the participation in the “Big Brother VIP” period.

Rossio Flores and Antonio David Flores
When Rocío Carrasco was told that her daughter would be Antonio David’s defender during the “Big Brother VIP”/Gtres, she could no longer do so

But to solve this desperate situation, he explained that he has been receiving psychiatry and psychotherapy since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2011. “Over time, chronic moderate and severe depression and anxiety syndromes”.

2. “When he sent the children to my door, he insulted me and told me I was going to take them away, you bastard.” Rossio recounted how Antonio David Flores threatened him every time he returned after spending a few days with him. She broke down completely and burst into tears, confirming: “She succeeded, and she told me when we were going to separate. He took them away from me and made them hate me, they have my image».

Rocío Carrasco, Rocío Flores, Antonio David Flores
“I let my children die while they are still alive,” said painfully in the documentary/Gtres

3. “My children died while they were still alive. I had to pretend that I was alive without them.”In these days, people have been hearing him confidently say that it was the last few days he saw the child, and he has burned two dates.

4. “Rocio became the executioner because she was a victim, even more vulnerable than me.”

5. «I want to ask those who publicly attack Rocio Flores not to blame her. The fault was with another person, his father.

6. «I prefer you to continue to believe in the version you have, because the day when my daughter realizes what happened, what she has been involved in, and the true identity of her father, it will be the worst in her life one day. I don’t want him to suffer ». As heard in a preview of the documentary a few days ago: “I put myself in front of them, so they won’t even touch the air.”

Rossio Flores, David Flores
He doesn’t want his children to suffer, which is why he admits that he prefers that they continue to believe in the version they have so far/Instagram

7.«No one ended the child’s school, kissed, hugged… everything I had lost for so long returned to me. No one will give me back everything I lost for this person. Excited, she couldn’t help crying again, thinking back to the days when the children were absent every day, and the important days like the Three Kings Day on the parents’ calendar.

8. «My daughter beats me He took out his cell phone, picked up the phone and said to his father, “Dad, it’s all over.”

9. “If I commit suicide, that person will finish his job.”

10. “When my doorbell rang and it was children, I didn’t want to panic again.”

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