Robert Lewandowski, responsible for the shortage of “w”s in a Barcelona store.


Robert Lewandowski was a really great signing for Barcelonaeven in official team stores that sell jerseys with the names of the players.

In this case, let’s say not enough “w” to compensate for Barcelona fans’ excitement over their new player.

Robert Lewandowski explains why he moved to BarcelonaAP

Barcelona’s official store has run out of the necessary materials to be able to inscribe the name of its newest follower next season: Robert Lewandowski.

Why couldn’t fans order Lewandowski’s name?

In a video posted to Instagram, a fan asked an employee of Barcelona’s official store why he couldn’t buy a new personalized jersey. Polish striker.

“We don’t have players with a ve-double, and with Lewandowski, who has two, he’s sold out. It’s a pity,” the store clerk of the cult team, which received many fans that day, explained in the news. luxury recruitment of one of the best strikers in the world.

in 33 year old striker Barcelona cost approx. 45 million eurosa club that was not prepared to meet the demands of its fans.

Lewandowski, who scored 460 goals at club level, is Barcelona new player and with so much expected of him, an extra batch of “w”s will probably have to be ordered to satisfy customers who want the surname of the deadliest Pole in today’s football.

Barcelona tour of the USA

Barcelona’s tour of the United States continues, and this time Javi Hernandezthe team travels to Nevada to continue the preseason.

However, this time they will not play against an MLS opponent, but against RealMadrid so the fans in Las Vegas can experience the excitement Classical close.

This match will be played in this Saturday, July 23, 2022 at 8:00 PM PT, 10:00 PM PT, and 11:00 PM ET..


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