Robert Carmona, the oldest player in football history: still aged 59 and has no plans to retire


YesStanley Matthews retired at 50 and remains the epitome of longevity in football history because he was an elite player. The same can be said for former Japan national team player Kazuyoshi Miura, another consummate professional who, at 55, is still playing at the lower levels of Japanese football. However, in Uruguay Robert Carmona boasts of being the oldest player in football history.

next month, Carmona turns 60 and he still plays official matches. in Guinness Book of Records officially confirmed this, which is important, given the amount of documentation required for inclusion in their lists. it took Carmona four years to receive this recognition. The fact that he was not a top level player did not help him in his task.

The process began back in 2010 when, inspired by his daughter, Carmona began sending documents such as birth certificates, photographs and match details, Guinness‘command. Eventually, their ambassadors visited Uruguay to present him with a certificate.

His career spanned an impressive 45 active years, with 30 clubs on his record and nearly 2,200 official games played. Perhaps most impressive is that he never stopped playing, but even he is not sure how he manages to do so.

“There were maybe 10 or 15 old players in the history of football, but most of them stopped playing and years later joined some club,” he said. Carmona.

“In my case, I have been playing non-stop since I started my professional career in 1976.

“I cannot give a simple answer to the question about the secret of my longevity. There are several factors: good nutrition, discipline in training, avoiding laziness, alcohol and drugs, and despite the fact that since childhood I have had a difficult life, I have always maintained a very positive attitude.

“It takes a strong conviction to believe that dreams come true if you strive for something. There is no such thing as “I can’t” in my life. I feel like I was given a gift and I didn’t waste it.” I feel very alive and have the energy of a youth.”

Robert Carmona: a man with a constant passion for football

Carmona passionate about sports and dedicated, never missing a day of training, except for injuries.

“Even if I don’t have a contract, I always train six or seven times a week. Carmona.

“If I am injured, I try to recover as quickly as possible in order to return to my best qualities, complete my tasks and not let anyone down. Unfortunately, since 1980 I have had several injuries and surgeries, I have had eight surgeries in total.

“I remember once a surgeon told me that I would have to quit playing football. one will make me retire from football.” I think he was wrong. Here I am, 40 years later, playing and, thank God, stronger than ever.”

No pension cards

Carmona takes his career seriously and has always done so, and such longevity was only possible through the highest commitment to his work. He says he hasn’t partyed since he was 16, but is proud to be different from many other players.

At 59, the Uruguayan is now at a stage in his career where he is older than not only all of his teammates, but also many of his coaches. However, retirement is not far off, and he does not really like to even talk about such a possibility.

“When they ask me about [retiring]it annoys me a little… I say, why should I quit?” Carmona.

“I am the chosen one, a living legend. I have become the oldest active player in the world and will continue to do so. I feel like I’m 25. I don’t think about ending my career.

“I want my career to be a message to people. You only have one life, and we must show that we can live better, have a quality life. Carmonaisn’t going anywhere!”

The oldest player in the world is a central defender

Carmona spent most of his career as a midfield playmaker, but after reaching the age of 40 he returned to central defence. After 45 years of playing, you might think that he has achieved all his dreams, but he still has ambition.

“I am recognized and praised in Uruguay and even on the world stage, but I would like to FIFA celebrate my accomplishments and accomplishments as I am seen as a shining example of health, sport, education, commitment, values ​​and professionalism, all thanks to the most popular sport in the world,” he said.

Carmona still counting the days until sunday and he will play the next game of his career for his team Set a goal for life, which is also a social project in the fourth tier of Uruguayan football. This is the club where Robert Carmona uses the talent of a football player to help those who are less fortunate. And this, 45 seasons later, seems special.


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