Rob Gronkowski doesn’t care if Tom Brady calls him, he’s retired forever


Tuewhen the new announcement of leaving Rob Gronkowski came, Tom Brady immediately reacted, hinting that he would call to convince him to backtrack on his decision. As far as we know, Brady made an attempt, but no new claims have been made. This means that the Tampa Bay Bucks QB has failed in its mission.

What happened next? Why didn’t Rob Gronkowski fall under the influence of the greatest NFL player of all time? Gronk himself has finally spoken out about his decision and confirmed the reason why he will NOT be returning to play in the NFL. He will be greatly missed by every football fan in the world. The greatest tight end in league history has indeed retired.

What did Gronk say about retirement?

It happened Tuesday morning during an Ice Shaker event, Rob Gronkowski replied. All Gronk fans had hope, but these recent statements will leave them in shambles: “Yes, I’m done with football,” Gronk said.

“I love the game. Definitely blessed with all the opportunities football has given me and the relationships I’ve met obviously here in New England for nine seasons and two in Tampa. But no, football is over.” I enter the world of business, business ventures and just see what is there and where I can find my place.

Not even Tom Brady can convince him.

In the same interview, Rob Gronkowski was directly asked, Tom Brady could convincingly change his mind before the start of the season. He was quick to say that he always answers GOAT’s calls, but this time it will be different. Maybe Tom Brady will try to find another TE now that he knows for sure, he won’t be able to convince Gronk.

Winning bigger games this season will be a lot harder without his friend, but Brady will be able to handle what he has with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let’s see if he can cook something good this season.


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