Rob Gronkowski and Peyton Manning Start New UFC Project, ‘Gronk’ Wants to Fight?


Rob Gronkowski teamed up with the legendary NFL quarterback, but it’s not his good friend and former teammate Tom Brady, it’s actually, Peyton Manning who joins him in an ambitious UFC project.

Omaha Productions will support the show

Legendary tight end teams up with Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and his company “Omaha Productions”, which also produces the Manning Show”ManningCast“and this show will be the star Rob Gronkowskime as an anchor, according to ProFootballTalk.

The show is called “The GronkCast” and will premiere this Saturday, August 20 at the next UFC event, which will be UFC 278 in Salt Lake City.

It starts next Saturday

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This Saturday at the UFC tournament will be a rematch between Kamaru Usman as well as Leon Edwards and those who receive the pay-per-view package will have the opportunity to listen to Gronk narrate the entire event.

GronkCast will also have his four brothers Chris, Dan, Glenn and Gordy Jr., as well as his father and Gordon Gronkowski Sr.

They will also have guests and interviews during the show.

The entire family spoke to people on ProFootballTalk and said, “Our family is thrilled to be able to team up with Peyton and his team at Omaha Productions for some fun and laughs in the Octagon.”

They will add their personal touch

They’ll also have a personal welcome and stories: “Get ready for some action-packed fun as we spend family time sharing stories and testing our UFC skills.”

Let’s see what the new event will be like and whether the fans will like the broadcast, because it will have a completely different approach to the mixed martial arts genre.


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