Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes’s poisoned gift for her birthday


Risto Mejide celebrates, in the days before the arrival of December, his birthday. 48 springs, those of the polemicist, very lived in what refers to his professional life, but also personally. However, this new return to the sun of Risto is not like the previous ones, since it occurs a few weeks after having announced (apparently against his emotional will) the unexpected separation of him from Laura Escanes: “Thank you, Laura Escanes, for these seven years, three months and twenty-four days. They have not been perfect, and even so, or for that reason, they have surely been the best of my life”.

Risto Mejide and Laura Escanes, at a wedding.

In case there was any room for doubt, he then added “We’ve been through so much together and learned so many things (many good and others that I would have liked not to have to learn) that, before each of us goes our separate ways, all that remains is to feel very grateful.” along the path traveled. Because it all adds up. The good, the bad and the average. As someone once said, it was eternal while it lasted.” A goodbye that ended with a stroke of the pen with their great love story for which one day they fought against all odds and that faded away in a matter of seconds.

Little time has passed since then, but the present of the presenter of Everything is a lie he has given a 180º turn to the complicity with which he ended his story. The reason?, the new and famous romance of Laura Escanes with the singer Alvaro de Lunawith whom she was captured in a more than affectionate attitude in a report that served as confirmation to a affaire that none of those involved have denied in view of the objectives of the reporters. What’s more, the not happy Mejide’s birthday coincides with the return of her ex from the other side of the pond, after having spent a few romantic days with her new boyfriend.

Laura Escanes and Álvaro de Luna, in Mexico / Instagram
Laura Escanes and Álvaro de Luna, in Mexico.

This trip has not been the only poisoned gift from the influencer to her ex, understood as such by the dates on which it was given. A small gesture in networks by Laura would have lit the fuse of a possible new illusion in the life of the presenter. a subtle click that has opened a real debate on the part of the followers of each of the different teams (Team Risto and Team Laura).

In the midst of the media commotion over Escanes and Luna’s escape, a follower reproached, in a post by Laura, that the model was in love again and then pitied Risto, drawing him as a victim of this situation: “He is with Álvaro of Luna, which he has shown is there. How fast everything goes, he hears him. Poor Risto».

Risto Mejide, at an event / Gtres
Risto Mejide, at an event / Gtres

Far from leaving the thing there, another follower stood up for Laura, leaving a delicate idea in the air that has set off all the alarms: “So poor that he is with another”. The boom of this thread came with the Laura likes this scoop that various media have already highlighted, such as Laura’s poisoned gift to her ex to excuse the legality of a new love in her life. Is Risto celebrating his birthday in good company? Is the presenter a victim or a beneficiary of the commotion of Laura’s new love? It is, without a doubt, a gesture on the part of Laura that once again places what was her great love in the media shootout against her will and on a key date for him.


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