Ringo Starr Said There Was a Possibility The Beatles Could Have ‘Carried On’ Until a Move by Paul McCartney


Before The Beatles publicly broke up, the band sent Ringo Starr as an emissary to talk to Paul McCartney. McCartney planned on releasing his solo album ahead of The Beatles’ album let it be. Angry, McCartney refused and threw Starr out of his house. Not long after, he publicly announced that the band had broken up. Starr said that up until this point, there had been a possibility that the band could have gotten back together.

Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney | Cicconi Archive/Getty Images

The Beatles broke up in 1970

After years of increased tensions in The Beatles, John Lennon privately told his bandmates that he would be leaving the band in 1969. In 1970, McCartney made the news public. Lennon said that he first began thinking about leaving the band in 1966, when they stopped touring.


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