Riner, Slimani and General de Villiers reject Pécresse who wants them to be ministers


nohiccup in the countryside Valerie Peckless. Guest of the paper on Saturday March 19th at 1pm france 2candidate Republicans in the presidential election revealed the names of public figures that she would be likely to include in a potential government, if elected on 24th April next. “I would like to see General Pierre de Villiers in the defense, Teddy Reiner To youth, Leïla Slimani to La Francophonie,” the presidential candidate said in the 1 p.m. newspaper.

“Through their influence, through their knowledge of the French and their ministerial positions,” these men will have “invaluable skills, and I hope to form a government as broadly as possible to restore its military sovereignty. Francegive hope to our young people, and then make French a great five-year career,” she said.

“I had no prior knowledge of this statement from Ms. Pecqueres and I would not be her defence secretary,” reacted to former Army Chief of Staff General Pierre de Villiers. His brother, Philippe de Villiers, a former Vendée vice-governor and former secretary of state, backed Eric Zemour’s candidacy in the presidential election and denounced the “unfair process of publishing names that thugs have not even touched”.

funny emoji

According to France Info, novelist Leïla Slimani also opposes ending the no-entry rule: “I find it inelegant. Nothing scares me more! That said, it’s a good idea for fiction!” she said As for judo player Teddy Reiner, who has just started preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics, he responded with a simple emoji representing a hilarious face, according to France News.

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