Rihanna and A$AP Filmed Walking Hand in Hand for the Rocky Spotted Whiskey Launch


Rihanna Spotted Hand-in-Hand With A$AP Rocky For Whiskey Launch! Today, many celebrities are seen with their partners while holding hands.

Whether it’s about attending any event or just a regular date, lots of romantic gestures are captured on camera. And if so, people can’t help but appreciate the fashion sense or looks of these celebrities.

If we talk about such things, it is Rihanna who has been appearing in a row lately. She was recently seen wearing a black mini dress while holding hands with A$AP Rocky for the whiskey launch.

The 34-year-old singer Rihanna was recently spotted with her boyfriend Rocky while launching her latest project.

This latest project is the whiskey-related A$AP Rocky project. The party was all about newly blended Canadian whiskey and the couple were spotted together in a trendy outfit.

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Check out some pictures of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky from Whiskey Launch here.

As for Rihanna then, she looked as beautiful as ever in her long sleeved black velvet dress and the opening at the bottom was palatable. The singer was also seen wearing a black coat and gloves. She was also seen wearing a white shirt with a black jacket and jeans on the way to her boyfriend.

As for the accessories, Rihanna was seen wearing a long chain and a pretty natural makeover with stripped sandals.

As for Rocky, he was wearing diamond earrings and sunglasses that matched his outfit and black shoes. Rihanna’s hair fell out as the red lipstick got all the coverage. Meanwhile, Rocky was spotted smoking a cigarette while walking hand in hand with his girlfriend.

Just before this trip, the couple made headlines with their ice cream date. The couple was spotted together while eating ice cream at a European-inspired restaurant in Los Angeles.

The couple was at the restaurant and they ate their favorite dessert. Along with the gorgeous desert, the couple was also spotted in gorgeous outfits like a black leather jacket and jeans.

When Rihanna and Rocky are not attending any parties or events or having dinner together, they are busy taking care of their son. Besides being great lovers, they’re also great parents and very particular about it. That’s why they hid the identity of their 6-month-old baby from the public.

According to the source, it is a new chapter in their life as they are parents. It’s not about their increased responsibilities, it’s because of the relationship between Rihanna and Rihanna. Cliff upgraded and became very powerful.


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