Ricky Martin’s nephew to reveal new details about sexual assault he allegedly suffered


Dennis Sanchez-Martin, Ricky Martin nephew who told the press that he was sexually assaulted by a Puerto Rican singer while he was 12 years, told the TV show that he would go into detail about the media scandal unleashed by his statements.

I will tell everything

Currently, even Dennis’s mother has been unaware of her son’s whereabouts in his native Puerto Rico for several weeks now. However, the journalists of the show “Sientens Who Can” managed to contact the young man and establish contact.

After that, he made it clear that he would reveal all the details in the coming hours after they were able to contact him to talk to him about 10 minutes.

He got a restraining order against Ricky Martin

The scandal began with the fact that in July last year, the young man received a restraining order for domestic violence against Ricky Martin, but the case was opened a few days later at the request of the plaintiff himself.

Ricky Martin has successively received a protection order issued by the San Juan Court of First Instance against his nephew, who in turn filed a complaint of alleged sexual assault on Monday, confirmed by the Administrative Office of the Puerto Rico Courts.


Ricky Martin denies restraining order allegations

A day later, Ricky Martin filed a millionaire extortion lawsuit against his nephew. The restraining order requested by Dennis Sanchez is consistent with what he says is “a pattern of threats, harassment or harassment.”

He released Ricky Martin’s phone number

In January 2022, Sanchez published the singer’s phone number on social media, and in early September, through a third party, asked him for money “in exchange for his silence”, for which he was ordered “to refrain from harassment, harassment, intimidation, threats or other interference in case of the applicant or members of his family”.


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