Richarlison’s night attack on Jamie Carragher: Wash your mouth, I don’t respect you!


TI have a rivalry Liverpool and Everton exists in daily life on Merseyside and Richarlison further endeared himself to the Toffees fans early Friday morning by shooting the Reds legend. Jamie Carragher.

Richarlison is something of a fan favorite in Goodison Park and it wouldn’t hurt his reputation if he targeted the former Liverpool protect.

After scoring a goal in a dramatic comeback victory over crystal palaceresult that made Everton To secure his place in the 2022/23 Premier League season, the Brazilian took to Twitter at 01:37 to send a few words Carragher‘sway.

“Wash your mouth before you talk about me and Everton I don’t respect you” Richarlison wrote.

Why did Richarlison come out and attack Carragher?

While starting a war of words with one of your rivals’ legends is never a bad way to win over your own fans, it’s likely that Richarlisonthe tweet was a belated response to Carragherown comments about it.

In their recent Merseyside derby, the behavior of the number seven on the field seemed to hurt Carragherwho was known to support the Toffees while growing up in Liverpool.

“Honestly, get up, every week I watch him play like that” Carragher sorry how Richarlison fell to the ground with an injury.

“Get up, keep going. He’s already fallen three times, [there’s] he is okay”.

I think these comments hurt Richarlison and what the brazilian was waiting for Evertonsurvival must be ensured before returning fire.


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