Rich countries have received more Covid vaccines in the past six weeks than Africa in 2021


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This European Union, we Yes UK Received in the past six weeks More vaccines A set for Covid Africa all year round, A coalition of non-governmental organizations fears that at the current rate, the first dose of vaccine will not cover the entire African population until April 2023.

Specifically, between November 11 and December 21, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States received 513 million doses of vaccine, And the global data for Africa in 2021 is approximately 500 millionOnly 8.6% of African citizens have a complete vaccination schedule, and G7 countries will accumulate a surplus of 1.4 billion doses by March 2022.

This People’s Vaccine Alliance Has warned in a statement “Condemn the endless cycle of variants in the world, Reinforcements, restrictions and even confinement “If the vaccine cannot reach all parts of the earth in a fair way.

The health policy director of Oxfam and the aforementioned alliance, Anna Marriott, It has been pointed out that “the real solution by preventing the poorest countries from getting vaccines,” Wealthy countries “are prolonging the pandemic And all the pain caused by it. “

The director of Global Justice Now also shared a vision, Nick Dilden: “If we want to have a normal Christmas again, We need to vaccinate everyone”To this end, the People’s Vaccine Alliance advocates exemption from intellectual property regulations on vaccines, testing and treatment.

The spokesperson of the African Vaccine Delivery Alliance, Mazaseyoum, Lamented that until now, “the leaders of the global North have chosen the obscene profits of pharmaceutical companies, not the lives of African people.” However, he added that the first variant of omicron found in South Africa “shows that Vaccine inequality is a threat For everyone and everywhere”.


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