“Riccardino”, the highly anticipated series finale by Andrea Camilleri

Salamandra Publishing to be published in Spain riccardinothe highly anticipated series finale featuring curator Salvo Montalbano, the great Andrea Camilleri, The most popular writer of Italy at the turn of the millennium.

Camilleri is one of the most widely read writers in Europe. He was born in 1925 in Porto Empedocle and died in Rome in 2019. Of his works, translated into thirty-six languages, sold over thirty million copies.

In this last book, according to the publisher, the young director of the Vigate bank branch killed at close range by a mysterious motorcyclist and Salvo Montalbano, already tired of crime and murder, is in charge of solving the case in the shortest possible time. What at first seemed to be a settling of scores for reasons of honor turns out to be much more difficult to unravel.

“Outlined between 2004 and 2005, reviewed again in 2016 and published posthumously in 2020, riccardino has gained the value of a literary testamenta magnificent conclusion to almost thirty years of history, in which Andrea Camilleri demonstrates his genius, mixing reality and fiction, in the unexpected wink of the Sicilian writer to say goodbye to Salvo Montalbano, his inseparable companion in adventure,” says Salamander.


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