Review: Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix) with Millie Bobby Brown


Completely indirect and at the same time extremely vital, the first Enola Holmes It was one of those shows of Netflix’s power when it comes to making films that rival theaters, with a significant component of stars and some other compelling virtues (including Daniel Pemberton’s amazing soundtrack). Sequel in which they repeat Millie Bobby Brown D Henry Cavill like brothers Enola and Sherlock Holmes, it is replete with the virtues of the previous one, while also delving into everything that a sequel should be: skip the introductions, complicate things more, and give the audience more than they liked the first time.

Nonetheless, Enola Holmes 2which returns to direct Harry Bradbeer also suffers from that intangible that haunts most sequels: a film longer than its predecessor, lacking the relative impact and frankness of that, and delving into its obviousness and the ideological paternalism of that. (and that here they are confined primarily to an epilogue, somewhat repetitive and funny, and some last revelation, which we will not detail).

Everything else about the film, based on Nancy Springer’s juvenile novels, works well enough, as of course no one is trying to make a period movie other than family adventures. The charisma of his two main stars is enhanced by more cooperation between the two brothers, greater presence Henry Cavill and improving action scenes that don’t drown out the cryptic story (but can’t hide some hasty setup), and that’s more than enough in most cases.

Enola Holmes 2 this is a good film of pure entertainment and fantasy with a good Victorian setting that does not go beyond the original creation of Conan Doyle and which, framed in this “pottery” British film industry, gives two more entertaining and charismatic hours, which, of course, are the last parts of the current saga , developed by J. K. Rowling, fantasy animalsThey can’t even remotely match.



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