Revealed the real reason why Jennifer Lopez broke up with Alex Rodriguez


Jennifer Lopez looks happy and radiant Ben Affleckwith which she took another chance at love after almost two decades of their first relationship.

On April 9 last year, we learned that the couple got engaged, which already happened when they were one of the most famous couples of the 2000s, although they never made it to the altar then.

Since they’re back together, what’s going on around these celebs is usually in the center of the front pages, remember that just a few days ago, the Puerto Rican singer revealed what Ben Affleck’s proposal was, and this week there was intimate information about marriage contract. leaked: A couple must have at least four sexual relationships a week.

But not everything has always been happy for the Bronx diva, like the last few months with her ex-partner. Alex Rodriguezdidn’t go so well.

Why did they break up?

After four years of relationship and a million dollar engagement ring, on April 15, 2021, Lopez and Rodriguez unexpectedly announced their final separation.

The news came a month after it became known that the celebrities had called off their engagements as they were going through a severe crisis that forced them to undergo therapy.

Jennifer “couldn’t completely trust him,” a friend of the artist told People magazine. “She tried to work it out, but there were too many problems to solve,” she added.

“She knew it was time to end. There were issues with wedding plans and trust issues that she couldn’t let go of,” the source said.

The Alleged Romance J. Lo Didn’t Forgive

Of Arod’s alleged infidelity with model Madison Lecray, friend J. Lo noted, “Whether he cheated on her or not, it doesn’t matter… She can’t always live with that fear of being deceived. Jennifer is having a really hard time and finally thought she shouldn’t stay with Alex.”

“Sometimes you need to change direction. Even though it might be painful or even, I don’t know, strange to others. It’s just about who you are and what suits you best,” Lopez said some time after she broke up with her ex. – baseball player.

A few months after her relationship with Rodriguez ended, in July 2021, J. Lo was seen again with Affleck, her former partner to whom she was engaged 17 years ago, which showed that her time with Rodriguez is completely in the past. .


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