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Arson in Essex County: An important report from mental health services

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Image SourceEssex Police
legendKhabi Abrey was 32 weeks pregnant when he died

A report stated that concerns about the killing of a pregnant woman by a man with paranoid schizophrenia have not been resolved.

On May 7, 2016, 48-year-old Lillo Troisi pleaded guilty to manslaughter and arson after a fire broke out in Khabi Abrey, 30, and her unborn baby in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.

An independent report stated that the health team did not show “professional curiosity” about his mental health.

The NHS trust, which operates mental health services in Essex, said it has begun to implement the report’s recommendations.

Troisi has not taken medicine for 18 months, lives on the eighth floor of the Balmoral Road Tower, and deliberately uses a can of gasoline to set the fire on the corridor outside the apartment on the ninth floor of Ms. Abrey.

An autopsy revealed that Ms. Abrey, who was 8 months pregnant, died of complications due to smoke inhalation.

Her child died of cardiac arrest.

“Almost no signs of improvement”

That reportEntrusted by NHS England, Troisi moved to Essex in January 2015 and changed GPs to obtain medicines within a month, but this did not happen.

He also stated that his first mental health referral was rejected, and an assessment in April 2016 found that his GP needed to resume medical treatment.

Smoke-damaged windows after a tower fire
legendFire ravaged the ninth floor of Grampian Flats in Westcliff-on-Sea

In 2015 and 2016, Troisi’s family was “increasingly worried” about her mental health, and stopped taking medication “coincidentally with her mental state deteriorating”.

His sister wrote to his general practitioner in April 2016, worrying that if he does not take action to help him, he or the public will be harmed.

Family members raised other concerns in writing, in person, and over the phone, but “usually one department tells them to talk to another department.”

The report stated that her GP and mental health team did not seek to contact Troisi or take action on her family’s concerns, but instead referred them elsewhere.

“Whether it is FRT [first response team] Primary care workers neither showed professional curiosity about Mr. Z’s mental health, nor did they proactively contact him or take action based on risk information provided by his family; instead, they referred their family members elsewhere,” the report said.

“We found almost no evidence of scenes like this [Troisi’s] It will not appear today. “

The report makes five recommendations for the Essex Cooperative University Trust (EPUT), which manages mental health services in the county.

One suggestion is that if family members or members of the public raise concerns about patients, these issues should be better recorded and evaluated, and actively addressed where appropriate.

EPUT stated that measures have been taken to improve families’ access to mental health services.

He said he also has Two of the five recommendations have been implemented In the report, and started the other three work, the target date is September 30 to complete.

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