Report: NFL under fire for years of allegations of harassment of women


Tproblems and scandals related to working conditions in NFLfar from a solution, are increasing, according to press reports, Commissioner Roger Goodell because the league’s top spokesman is in serious trouble because he was threatened in letter from 6 Attorneys General demanding that he immediately address pending issues of harassment allegations against women in the workplace.

According to a New York Times investigation, the attorneys general of New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Minnesota reportedly warned Goodell that if he did not address these issues immediately, the league would face major investigation this will not be limited harassment of women in the workplacebut also minorities.

Discriminatory treatment of women in the NFL?

Attorneys General condemned what they called “serious concernsabout the working environment in the NFL and based their testimony on a February report in the New York Times in which more than 30 women who worked in NFL offices testified to the newspaper and said that they were victims of discriminatory treatment.

They say that eight years after the video of the former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice after brutally beating his wife in an elevator, the NFL developed a culture that trivialized domestic violence, retaliated against women, especially blacks, and favored men in various job opportunities, women were marginalized and repressed.

What does the letter to Roger Goodell say?

“All of this is completely unacceptable and potentially illegal,” the attorneys general wrote in the letter. “Full the weight of our authority to investigate and prosecute allegations harassment, discrimination, or retaliation by employers in our states, including the National Football League.”

Adding to this potential legal issue is a lawsuit against the NFL and three of its teams (Miami Dolphins, New York Giants and Denver Broncos) for racist acts filed by a former head coach Brian Flowers.


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