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Fleeing their country of origin to escape conflict or persecution: this is the fate of thousands of refugees on Earth. On the occasion of World Refugee Day, France met with one of them in Washington on the 24th to better understand this painful situation. Report by Mathieu Mabin.

After leaving Afghanistan, Sami, an Afghan refugee who had lived in the United States for eight months, saved the essentials: his son, wife and sister. But this new American life is far from an option. “I really miss my uniform and my rifle,” the former soldier explained, his voice choked. “I have three diplomas, but here I am nothing. I am a refugee”.

Like Sami, thousands of refugees dream of returning to their country of origin.on this occasion world refugee day Founded by the United Nations and celebrated each year on June 20, French 24 journalist Matthieu Mabin met with one of them to better understand their perseverance and courage.


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