Report: Jacksonville Jaguars hire Doug Pederson as new head coach


TI have jacksonville jaguars already has a new head coach after a tumultuous departure midway through the 2021 NFL season Urban Meyer, this is the former Philadelphia Eagles Head coach Doug Peterson, who, according to multiple media reports, will be the seventh full-time head coach and ninth overall in franchise history to make a decision this Thursday night.

Byron Leftwich refused to participate in the process

Formerly favorite to place, current Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich told the team that once selected him as a first-round quarterback in the first round of the draft that he no longer wants to be considered for the job.

On January 27 last year, it was reported that the Jaguars had drafted Leftwich, but that rumor was immediately debunked.

Achievements of Doug Pederson

Pederson served as head coach for the Eagles for five seasons (from 2016 to 2020). Andy Reedthe best helpers Kansas City Chiefs, and will forever be remembered as the head coach who led Philadelphia to win its first Super Bowl when they defeated New England Patriots Tom Brady and Bill Belichick 41–33 in the LII edition.

The Jaguars are looking to Pederson to help launch the quarterback, who is now in his second year. Trevor Lawrence, who was selected first in the 2021 draft from Clemson University but failed to excel in his freshman following Meyer’s chaotic administration.

Jaguar recovery era

Jacksonville for the second year in a row first overall pick in the draft and Pederson will have to rebuild a roster that lacks star players.

In Philadelphia, Pederson picked the quarterback. Carson Wentz, but after an injury in the second season at the head of Philadelphia, his place was taken by Nick Falls, who eventually became the most valuable player in the aforementioned Super Bowl LII.


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