Report: Draymond Green ready to leave Warriors if he doesn’t get maximum contract extension


TThe great era of the last great dynasty in NBA history, Golden State Warriorshave three key players in each of their championships, the Splash Brothers. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompsonbut no less important was Draymond GreenHowever, judging by press reports about the controversial player, there is a possibility that this legendary “Big Three” is close to disintegration.

Green is eligible for a contract extension from August 3, and according to reports Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson of The AthleticFor the Warriors to keep their locker room leader, the price will be as high as you can imagine.

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What is the situation with Draymond Green’s contract?

Green currently has one more year on his $25.8 million contract with Golden State and has the option to accept one more year after that for $28.5 million, however if he wants the maximum extension contract (at 120% of his current contract), he will then have to give up this option for 2023-2024 seasonaccording to the same report.

That way, Golden State will be able to pay Green. $164 million However, according to Slater and Thompson, Draymond says he will keep it for the next five seasons.

The military paid the most expensive luxury tax in history

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It’s worth remembering that the Golden State’s salary situation is the most expensive in history and that they had to pay the highest luxury tax in NBA history, however the franchise’s procedure is to pay its stars a year before their contract expires. since they did with Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole.

The report also states that if Green does not get the extension he wants, he is willing to seek that money with another team, which will not please”Chef“Who will put pressure on the management of the Warriors to not let Green go?


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