Remy Daillet, he wants to stage a coup in France, summon 300 “soldiers” and thousands of believers


You may have never heard of Jean-Marie Daillet’s name. And he shouldn’t do it. During his 20 years as a member of the French National Assembly as a representative of the Christian Democrat UDC-from 1973 to 1993-he did not perform any significant or noteworthy behavior, just a tragic anecdote that is best forgotten.

In November 1974, the first French abortion law was approved in more than 25 hours of debate, Jean-Marie Daillet became Completely voluntary protagonist In the harsh allegations against Simone Veil, the Minister of Health of the Valéry Giscard d’Estaing government, who is responsible for defending the law in front of parliamentarians.

“You have declared that the embryo is an’aggressor’. Perfect! Then, you will agree to see those aggressors in the crematorium or trash can,” Dedaye said sternly in the references, and today may seem to be just aggressive , But that is actually hidden Implicitly mentioned the deaths of the minister’s parents and brothers In the crematorium of a Nazi concentration camp during the occupation of France in World War II.

The veil law was finally baptized and approved for five years, and became a fixed part of French law on December 31, 1979.With those insults and surnames disappeared Daillet returned to the backstage he had always occupied. Until today, more than 30 years later.


October 28. The French Directorate-General of Internal Security-better known as DGSI, the police department responsible for intelligence, supervising returning jihadists, controlling Islamic radicalization in its territory and other possible terrorist threats to the country-announced Rémy Daillet, Jean- Marie Daillet’s son was arrested for “friending criminals with a terrorist nature.”

more specifically: DGSI accused him of conspiring to stage a coup.

Rémy Daillet looks like his father. At least politically, although due to the radical nature of his thoughts and actions, he developed it in a more limited way in time. But Remy Daye is completely different from his father. As a relentless defender of ultra-conservatives and traditionalist values ​​like him, his thinking goes one step further.

The father of seven children, Remy, violated the unity of national education and wrote a book with his wife to defend the education of parents at home, in which he said:”School is a dangerous place: Stalkers, criminals, human traffickers, laboratories, and the government are the main axis of turmoil, suicide, murder, crime… “This is just the first of many conspiracy theories he agrees with.

He agreed with the theory of “chemical trails”, that is, the white tails left by airplanes, according to the theory Governments around the world will spray the people. This is part of their ideology. He also openly opposed Freemasonry, firmly opposed abortion, and of course vaccination, and of course 5G. In fact, it is one of the most well-known French voices in the world. Fighting anti-coronavirus measures The government of Emmanuel Macron.

Of course you can’t miss it Connection to Q-Anon and the pedophile network theory entrenched in the elite The Americans oppose the administration of Republican Donald Trump.


Rémy Daillet was a far cry from his father’s parliamentary and democratic character, and never concealed his desire to overthrow the French government. More importantly, in the multiple videos that populated its website, it clearly stated: “Yes, I want to overthrow the government of the Republic that was sold to the economic power. I will abolish the use of masks, which is scientifically useless; I will end the confinement; I will immediately stop aerial spraying; I will ban Freemasonry and other dangerous sects; I will punish all kinds of human trafficking; I will stop child abuse ; I will ban any mass vaccination campaign; I will end the implementation of the 5G plan, and I will completely dismantle it. “

Conspiracy theories have become a real threat.So that DGSI not only Was arrested and charged with “connections with terrorist criminals“, but believes that he is the main person in charge of the so-called “Operation Azure”, which is a large-scale paramilitary project whose ultimate goal is In power, As the newspaper reported this Wednesday Parisian.

According to EFE, Dailyt will be created in Malaysia through a system Encrypted communication, A regional cellular network of far-right sympathizers, Neo-Nazis, anti-vaccine radicals, and even conspiracy theorists.

The organization already has a clear structure and is divided into two different parts: on the one hand, a civil organization chart arranging the mobilization of followers of Donald Trump at the Capitol in Washington, on the other hand, a military There are 2 professional soldiers on the front line, 36 “district chiefs”, and a total of 300 members, including police, military police and soldiers.

The initial military formations will be divided into three types: “voltigeurs” (some infantry units of the Napoleon army are called), “grenadiers” (the elite units of the Napoleon army) and “raiders” or raiders.According to DGSI, some of them have already started Manufacture explosives After obtaining the formula from the chemistry professor Florian Philippot who participated in the plot.

The target, as explained after he was arrested by a man closest to Daillet, and was quoted by the newspaper Happy point, Is to “mobilize as many people as possible. There is a great upheaval and everyone is at a loss. It’s time to overthrow the government and state structures and seize the Elysée Palace, the National Assembly and the armed forces.”

Kidnapping and assault

In April, Dayette sent an e-mail to members of the National Assembly in which he warned that in the face of the “genocide” government’s “killing” citizen vaccination, “the inevitable popular overthrow”. According to the news channel BFM TV, one of his top collaborators was also detained. He told investigators that the ultimate goal is to “overthrow the government and state structures.”

In recent months, the French gendarmerie suspected that the organization had “plans for coups and other violent actions,” and managed to stop various attempts by groups related to Daye.. Members of these cells have detailed attack plansFrom neo-Nazis trying to place explosives at the headquarters of the Alsace Masonic Hotel, to denial groups dealing with the possibility of attacking vaccination centers or dismantling antennas that are preparing to deploy 5G networks in France.

The first police report did not rule out these actions as “tests” to allow access to or participation in the coup in the organization chart of the Malaysian organization.other 12 people were also charged They are suspected of belonging to a far-right group, more specifically a group called “Honor and Nation”.

However, between the end of April and the beginning of May this year, Rémy Daillet was on the French news with his wife and their three children. Arrested in Malaysia and lived there illegally after his visa expired. Daillet was immediately extradited to France and arrested as soon as he landed, accused of “conspiracy” Organized groups kidnap children under 15“.

Known as the “Mia case”, the French judge accused Daye of “giving instructions for the organization of the organization.” The kidnapping of an 8-year-old girl whose custody has been granted to her grandmotherAllegedly, Dailet’s followers were kidnapped at the request of their mother. They believe that, just like the enthusiastic followers of QAnon in the United States, they are freeing the little girl from the state-organized pedophile network.

According to the French newspaper, the girl was kidnapped two days later Marianne, Rémy Daillet sent a newsletter from his website, inviting all his followers to participate in crowdfunding, “for example, to participate in a child rescue operation.” In addition, in a video posted on his website at the same time, Daylight boasted, “Our organization returns children kidnapped by the state to the parents who asked us to do so, but there is no mention of the Mia case. […] I congratulate the brave French, who took their children from the dirty or inadequate network through a judge’s decision that was too wrong. We will take them back by law or other means. “


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