Removing Pogba vs Liverpool is the final chapter in Manchester United’s troubled spell


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could be criticized for his decision to quit Paul pogba to the bench for Manchester Unitedplay against Liverpool on Sunday, but the Frenchman did little to prove his coach wrong after leaving the bench.

Norwegian coach chooses midfielder duo Fred and Scott McTominaybut by half the time it was clear that things were not going the way Red Devils lost 4: 0.

Though it may have been too late Combined to react, Solskjaer sent to Pogba in an attempt to control the game and dictate the pace in midfield, as the hosts beat in the first 45 minutes.

Red card for immature selection

Five minutes after leaving the bench Pogba saw Mohamed Salah complete your hat-trick and score 5-0 Liverpool at Old Trafford.

Earlier in the game Manchester United players showed signs of frustration, with Cristiano Ronaldo lose composure and fly out Curtis Jones, who is 16 years younger than the Portuguese star.

Next Salahthird goal, it was Pogbait’s time to commit a terrible foul on the first goal scorer, Naby Keitawhich was subsequently stretched.

After the initial show Pogba yellow card, judge Anthony Taylor looked at the monitor by the field and decided to change his mind, removing the Frenchman, just 15 minutes after he left the bench.

More and more frustrated by contract rumors

Pogbadangerous capture on Keita came just a few days after Manchester United The midfielder accused his team of immaturity after a 4-2 defeat away to Leicester City.

“We deserve to lose,” he said. Pogba… “To be honest, we have had such games for a long time.

“We didn’t find a problem, setting easy goals, stupid goals. We need to be more mature, play with more experience and arrogance in a good way.

“We need to find something, we need to change. We need to find the right mentality and the right tactics. Stick to it and fix the problem. “

Manchester United couldn’t find who or what was to blame in the past few weeks as they experienced a fall in shape while Pogba He may still wonder what went wrong after his return to Old Trafford.

Signed as the potential future leader of this team, Pogba struggled to show himself at Old Trafford, he was often accused of negligence during the period when he stood out for his shows on France

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old’s current deal will last until next June, and in just over two months he will be able to negotiate his future with another team if he decides to try his luck elsewhere.

Juventus it is rumored that they will be interested in signing him next summer, while Pogba did not rule out the possibility of returning to Turin, and at the moment his attitude shows that his attention is clearly not directed to expanding his Combined career.

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