Remembrance Day: Absence of some members of the royal family


Memorial Day is one of the most important festivals in the UK. The anniversary is celebrated in it, commemorating the signing date of the armistice agreement that ended the First World War.Traditionally, many events were held in the British capital on this day, and this Duke of Cambridge They cannot miss one of the indispensable annual appointments of the Windsor family. Moreover, despite having to cancel last year due to the coronavirus, the charity concert of this year’s memorial festival was once again revitalized at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with hundreds of participants on their lapels.

Year by year, The event is organized by British Royal Legion Place the entire royal family in the auditorium box. With fewer and fewer members of the royal family participating, this tradition seems to have changed.This time they did Charles of England, Cornish stretcher, Edward and Sophie of Wessex and Prince William and Kate Middleton. When they arrived, they were all seated, and they got up without hesitation when they heard the loud horn sounded. Royal Marines, Followed by members Royal Regiment The golden and blue flag is a symbol of loyalty and loyalty.

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the 2019 Festival / Gtres

to this end, Duchess of Cambridge Wearing a cheongsam shows his good taste Look Based entirely on events.Prince Harry’s sister-in-law bet Black skirt Tweed There are lapels, buttons and darts on the skirt. A style that combines some Stilettos And a matching handbag. To add the finishing touch to the final result, Kate chose a simple hairstyle with discreet waves and gathered it on the side behind one ear to reveal her two precious pumpkin earrings. As far as he is concerned, Prince William wears a tie with alternating diagonal stripes of burgundy and blue.

Camilla Parker also wore a black dress, but with a straight cut and a V-neck., Combined with masked black stockings and matching shoes and bags.What is the most prominent Full outfit Finally, her majestic pearl necklace, paired with earrings of the same style. Prince Charles was about to turn 73 at the time, and he chose a blue pinstripe suit with a matching tie.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Party leader Kil Starmer also did not want to miss this appointment. It should be noted that people present can not wear masks during work, as long as they show a vaccination certificate or test negative for coronavirus.

Isabel II at the 2019 Music Festival / Gtres
Isabel II at the 2019 Music Festival / Gtres

One of the biggest absences of the night was Isabel II. At 95 years old, Upon medical request, the British monarch was forced to reject some of her scheduled activities After he was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago. Even so, the queen promised that she was “well,” although she might be a little sad after having to cancel the date, she went year after year if her health allowed it.

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