Release date and review of Ethan Hawke’s new film “Black Phone”


Ti have a talent Ethan Hawke in front of the camera and the prestige of Universal Studios joined forces to bring to life the concept of producer Jason Blum and director Scott Derrickson, a suspense thriller, rather than the horror thriller they decided to present as “Blackphone”.

From the usual

Aside from the image of a masked man with horns, this film, set in the late 1970s, is actually about the trauma of adolescence as it transitions from childhood to adolescence.

The film originally premiered at Fantastic Fest 2021 and was scheduled to screen in January. However, it will be available in theaters from June 24th.

The story is based on a 2014 short story by Joe Hill and focuses on young teenager Finney Shaw who, despite being a talented baseball player, is constantly the victim of abuse from other classmates, as well as from his own father, a hardened alcoholic.

One day, a story suddenly pops up that a serial killer is on the loose and several boys are missing.

voices from outside

What little is known is that the person responsible for the kidnappings is a clown-like magician who drives a black van into which he introduces certain teenagers and then kills them.

Unfortunately, Finney Shaw becomes one of the kidnapped characters and finds himself in a dark basement with an old black dial telephone hanging on the wall.

Although the “Grabber” – as the terrifying magician is called – claims that the communication device is not working, eventually the phone begins to ring until Finny decides to pick up the phone to listen to other children who were once trapped and then killed. The scary part of the thing is that they all try to give him advice on how to escape without getting caught, which each of them failed to do.

The film is an entertaining thriller with elements of horror.


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